Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cinderella part 2

I was talking to Brent about Ella's princess conversation. He asked Ella why she thought I was Cinderella and she told him, Cinderella does everything and that is what mom does." She is a very smart and sweet girl!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today I had a cute conversation with Ell and one of Ashtyn's friends. Ella was dancing around and calling herself Cinderella. Ashtyn's friend told Ella she didn't look like Cinderella she looked more like Sleeping Beauty. Then we had a discussion about all of the princesses. When I got to Cinderella I explained to her that Cinderella has to do a lot of work, scrub the floors and do the laundry she quickly chimed in that's my mom she's Cinderella! I love that girl!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4th of July and Judd Reunion

Grandma and Grandpa bought a swing set and trampoline for the kids to play on when they go to their house. These are all of the parts. Wow so so many parts!

Thanks to the guys it all got done in a day.

Wa La! the finished product!

Trett and Trandon built (hammered) these fishing polls to the bridge over the ditch.

Wyatt and Saylor catching bugs

Brent and an old high school buddy. The alumni of Round Valley High School played a semi pro football team. They beat the socks off of them! It was fun to sit behind the scenes and see the "older" guys run a play then go behind the line and kneel down and catch their breath. They asked Brent to play he said maybe next year. That should be fun!

Big cousin Wes helping Regan with her owie

All the cousins waiting for the 4th of July parade to start. They are all so CUTE!

Ashtyn and her favorite sidekick Paizley

My super cute baby sister Lexi and I
The parade finally started and there was a lot of candy and toys to catch! So much FUN!

For the big Judd Reunion we did a carnival. Every family and the older kids came up with a game and prizes. We had corn dogs, veggies and watermelon lunch. Then we had cotton candy, popcorn and soda to snack on during all the fun!

Ring a soda and it is yours

Uncle Bill even brought his horses for "pony rides" He gave out cowboy hats as a prize!

Aunt Tonya had a friend with a cotton candy machine. It was a BIG hit with all of us and was SUPER YUMMY! The kids walked away with lots of prizes, full bellies and BIG smiles! It was a lot of fun!

Watching fire works at the Dutton's property along with more yummy treats! and good company!

The boys did work for Grandpa Bill and earned some money. Then they got to float boats down the ditch.

Uncle Ryan is known for givingg all the kids a four wheeler ride.

Girls enjoying the new playground. The monkey bars were a big hit!

Wes And Ruger slept on the trampoline. I wasn't sure if they were still there tat morning or if it was just a bunch of blankets and sleeping bags. You never know when they might slip away with Grandpa and and go fishing. Then I saw the arm.

We also had a hot dog marshellow raost for family night with a side of fireowrks

Handsome BOYS!

Quaiden loves Wyatt he will call "Wylie" on the phone and want to talk to him such a cutie! Wyatt calls Quaiden his buddy

All of Grandpa and Grandma's grand boys showing off the ever IMPRESSIVE muscles!

Sweet grand daughters