Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Yesterday as I was driving to get pick up some kids I had Wyatt in the front seat with me. He and Ella had just finished up an afternoon on the trampoline, he was home because he had strep again, so he had sun kissed skin, swim trunks on and no shirt. I was relishing the fact that he was home and playing with Ella just like the good old days last year, it was a lot of fun! He sat looking out the car window and then asked me if I wanted to know something that would be dangerous. So for all of you out there here is Wyatt's advice for the day. He said that you should never jump out of a car window while the car is moving into another open car window because that could be very dangerous. I then said you have seen too many movies. He then assured me he never saw that before on a movie. More I thought about it I am convinced that he is all boy and YES he could have conjured that up all on his own.

One more cute thing on Wyatt. Today he handed me a birthday invitation and said, "here this girl invited me to a princess party and said that I could come and be the prince. I'M NOT GOING!"

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ashtyn Makes the All Star Team!

Ashtyn made the all star team this year. The team is made up of the best players out of all three schools. They play against teams from surrounding towns. She played hard and her team took third this year. Way to ASHTYN!! You ROCK!


Ashtyn played on the Starz team this year. Her dad helped coach her team. She was the highest scorer out of all of the girls in all three schools!

Beautiful Girls

Look at these CUTIE PA TOOTIES! Anetta's came to play and both had pony tails so Ella had to have some too!

Like I have said in past posts we have been sick at this house with something all year long. Trett had a bit of a bug and stayed home. I had it and it made you really tired and a bit sick to your tummy with a head ache. I had forgotten how much friends Trett and Ella are. Before he went to school they were best friends. Yes my last three are very close but these two seemed to share something more. While he was home the two of them had a ball. I hardly saw them and loved to peek in at them or drop in on a conversation. They made snow cones, curled Ella's hair and I caught them just hanging out on the trampoline just visiting.

Sesame Seeds

I am not sure if I wrote this one down on Wyatt or not but it was funny so I thought I better before I forget it. One day we were eating hamburgers and we usually just get the cheap buns but on this occasion we had the sesame seed buns. Wyatt asked me what they were and I told him they were sesame seeds. He then asked me if we planted them would we grow more buns! I think I will never see a hamburger bun with sesame seeds and not think of Wyatt.

Happy President's Day

I REALLY LOVE all the cute stuff the kids make. Mrs Norton is the best at super cute projects. Ella brought these cuties home with a song that she sang something like, "Horay for Mrs Washington!" I can see how she may be a bit confused on the Mr and Mrs part because they do seem to have dresses on but I thought these were dang cute! Especially Mr Washington with his cotton ball of hair pulled back with yarn!


Last Sunday it snowed again! The snow did not stick but the kids loved the few minutes it did snow.

One day I looked in the front yard and saw Weston with his steer. He told me he had to walk him to get him ready to show. This I understood but is he going to walk him in down the street next?!

Ella and Clark

Ella and Clark go to the same preschool. After school they like to go over to each others homes. One day they were being really quiet in the bathroom and and later came out o show me their ne hair do's!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wyatt's BIG Step

Ashtyn and Trett have been sick. I woke up and realized that with both of them being home that day it would mean Wyatt wouldn't only have to just go to school but he would also have to go alone. I waited to to tell him until I had hem dressed and he had his breakfast. Then he reacted just like i thought he would tears and refusal to go to school. I put his jacket on and he walked with me to the car still protesting BUT NOT HANGING ON TO THE DOOR like days before. We talked about how he would be fine. With tears streaming down his super cute cheeks he listened. Then when I went to drop him off I was that mom in the front of the line helping Wyatt out and hugging him. He still had tears but he was brave and went to school. Later his teacher called and said he was doing good. She said it was so hard tell because he always is smiling. But he had told her he felt lonely and needed to hold a stuffed animal she lets kids hold when they are having a bad day. After school I was so proud of him and the rest of the day I let him know. Way to go Wyatt! I knew you could do it!!!