Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weston and Chuck

This is a picture of Weston and his friend Riley. Riley's and Weston have known each other since they were both in the womb. No kidding, his parents and us took Lamaze class together. Riley's family has shown Weston a lot of love and support. They got him started on the steer and and have helped him every step of the way. On a side note Riley's family has also known my grandpa and great uncle for a long time. I think it is wonderful how things get to go full circle and I think there is a little help from the other side since those two sweet men have passed. Along with Riley's great grandpa who was dear friends with my grandpa and great uncle. I love thinking about it!

Weston got to show his steer this weekend. He learned a lot and did a great job!

Weston and Wyatt on the Taco!!!

Wyatt hung out with me with the younger kids for a while then he and Weston were off to ride all the rides. I just love those big walls to hold them in if they were to go over the side.


Being lazy in the lazy river

Waiting for the bucket to drop lots of water

The two thrill seekers! And yes Trett did come but I only got to see him a few times he and Hayden were too busy riding rides. We had a lot of fun!

The next day we went school shopping :) That was a long day but we all made it through okay!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Girls Camp

Ashtyn went to girls camp for the first time. They did have to come home a day early because of the Wallow Fire. She said that she had a lot of fun!

Sock Skating

The kids love to sock skate. Some how they interpreted go to bed to go sock skating.


My mom and my sisters family had to leave their homes when the Wallow Fire got too dangerous. They came and hung out with us for a few days. We had a really good time! We went swimming, went for walks, played games, visited and I got to learn how to use my sun oven and I love it! I also got to learn from their experience. I had a great time and hated to see them leave.

Lunch in the Tree House

Ella and her friend Megan made their own lunch and spent a long time eating, giggling and talking up in the tree house.

Toothless Wyatt

I can't get enough of these cute smiles. It always amazes me how much a f a gap that two tiny teeth make once they are gone. My favorite is the way they talk and sing without their front teeth. Love it!

Wallow Fire

This is a picture of the mountain when you are first comming into Alpine.

Water Fight

Ella and Wyatt went outside to have an innocent afternoon of playing in the water

Then everyone got in on it. Weston was running from Brent with the hose and his pants fell off!

Then Brent and Weston thought Grandma and I needed to be in on it too! I was sitting by Grandma watching the fun when Brent grabbed me and held me while Wes sprayed me down. My oh my.... well water is COLD!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Richard Reunion

We went to the Richard reunion in Show Low the kids had a blast!


Canoe rides

LOTS of swimming

These two cuties swam across the length of the lake!

Very impressive!

4th of July

Brent had these shirts made up to show his frustration with the Wallow fire

Ruger made this awesome bike made out of PVC pipe from his parents hardware store. He invited Wyatt to jump on and help him throw the candy before Ruger finished his sentence Wyatt was on the back of the bike throwing candy and waving like a celebrity!

Last year this float was Abraham Lincoln I wonder what next year will be!

We went to Tonya and Bill's for hamburgers after the parade. While we waited for everyone to get there Brent had Ashtyn do a little driving. She even got up to a speed of 25, she was a bit nervous but now begs Brent to take her again.

When the Dutton escaped from the fire to our house Weston and Ruger worked on the go cart. Ruger took it back home and got it running. The boys had a really good time taking it for a spin!