Thursday, February 17, 2011

Don't get me wrong I LOVE being a mom. Today I saw this quote and thought it was way too funny!

Raising kids is like being pecked to death by chickens

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Brent trimmed the nectarine tree that blooms very early every year. I love to gather the blossoms and put them in water and watch them bloom in my house. So I thought it would make a great gift for the teachers. Trett told me there was no way he was going to take that to his teacher and Wyatt asked me why I was putting sticks into our glasses!
I saw these pancakes on a blog and thought it would be a great idea for breakfast Valentines morning. When I was cutting up Wyatt's pancake I said ooh you're breaking my heart! He thought it was weird and wanted a plain pancake. The other kids enjoyed them.
Remember making suckers? We made some for each child's class. They loved the smell while we were making them. They turned out great and the kids said the kids in their class loved them!

Say it isn't so!

Little Ella lost her first tooth!!! She is only 4! And it was such a tiny little tooth! Wow Ella way to go!

Meet Chuck

Chuck is Weston's new project or should I say the family project. We were so excited to finally have Chuck come to live with us. Weston will be taking care of him with Ashtyn close behind and the other kids also. Some friends that raise steer and other animals offered to help Weston get started on his first steer. They got the steer and feed for him. Weston will go and work for them and work off some of feed and the cost of the steer. Then Weston will show him and sell him at the fair. Hopefully earn enough money to get another steer next year and sooner or later save some money for his mission.


Wyatt has had some big trials for such a little guy. Before Christmas a friend of his in his kindergarten class died. He has struggled with this ever since it happened. His kindergarten teacher moved during Christmas break and he got a new teacher. His new teacher is a family friend so I thought it would be okay with him. It was but it still added to his confusion. Getting Wyatt to school has been a struggle to say the least. He cries and refuses to go. I have walked him in and stayed with him and still big tears and he could careless if his friends see him that way. Tries to talk me into letting him have "a day off". His new teacher has been good and lets him eat lunch with her and call me during lunch. I try to stay and help in the classroom but sometimes that seems to bring a bit of a heart ache. Last time I stayed for quite some time and then left when he went out to recess. He asked me to stay and play with him but I had to go to another appointment. I could see the tears coming but he kept them from pouring out. His little voice was shaky but he did a great job of letting me go. He has told me he is afraid something might happen to me. He hugs me a lot saves special things for me and lots of food too. Before he leaves for school it is a million I Love You's. With time and a lot of talking he is doing better. I heard him talking about his friend the other day and he was talking about how he, his friend and other boys in his class use to race and his friend who passed away always won and Wyatt came in second. Wyatt said now he is the winner when they race and when they try to see who can stand on one foot the longest. One way I got him to go to school was to put this big heart on his hand and fill it with kisses and all he would have to do is put it up to his cheek when he was feeling sad. Great idea I thought! About three days of doing this and he said to me, "Mom would you stop drawing hearts on my hands the boys are teasing me that I have a girlfriend!" At least I got his mind off of things. Such a sweet boy. He is doing better everyday.
At school Wyatt has an opportunity to earn a free personal pan pizza if head so many books. He has earned one every month. Since I have to get creative on getting him to school I told him I would order one of his pizza's. He loved the idea! When he got it he gave Ashtyn, Ella and Trett a slice and then later gave this one to Weston. I think the pizza only comes with 4 slices. Such a sweetheart!

Trett and the Pinwood Derby


Such cute scouts!

To turn the car backward or not that is the question

Cheering on a friend

Racing against the fastest car (tank)

We had a lot of fun going and watching the scouts race. Trett took third. Way to go Trett!

Trett's Elbow

Trett fell while playing basketball in the back yard. He was outside playing by himself so no one saw how he hurt himself or fell on it. The doctor did two x rays one one each arm. He hurt his elbow. The hurt elbow was more separated the good one. Also it was missing some tissue or padding. The cast didn't last long he wanted it off and the doctor said to go ahead and take it off and see if he complains. I don't think he will complain as long as he can play ball any kind of ball. So the cast has been off and no complaining it hurts!

Weston's airplane

Wes built this bug airplane. The kids loved to fly it. It worked pretty good.
(And for the record I do have enough room for my refrigerator I just have two in my kitchen one on loan until we can get ours fixed and the one that has to get fixed!)

Friday, February 4, 2011

It has been so cold here even the girls stick together. I looked out and saw the girls all lined up huddled together. Once they saw movement they started to move before I got the shot. Funny thing is that they have a heat lamp on in the hen house and there is sunshine if they would just move off of my porch! I do not like to let them out because they love the porch and then I have a huge mess on my porch! Come on girls stay off the porch! Hey is that a one legged hen?

Little Girls

I think being Ella would be a lot of fun! She is beautiful and so much fun to be around. Really she has it made. She is the baby of the family, not to mention a girl after three boys. And those brothers take care of her. She loves to be girlie, make up, hair, nails and dressing up!