Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I called Brent today and told him we were going to stop, gather our little chicks for the next few days. We are going to cancel practice and lessons, trips to the store, naps in the car and meetings. We are going to regroup play with the kids. Sit an try to enjoy being home and together. Yes I understand there are some things that just can't be stopped but there are also some things that I can control. I am cleaning house putting on some warm dinner and we will be together as a family for the next few days. Hope it goes well.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Wyatt had a birthday breakfast party. He got to choose his favorite breakfast, doughnuts. The only thing Wyatt wanted for his birthday was a bag of balloons. He made sure often that if I bought him balloons for his birthday that I would not blow them up. So funny! We also got him two Nerf guns because we thought surely he needed something more then balloons. When it came down to it he could take or leave the Nerf guns. He loves the balloons. Thanks for all the cards and money! He loves that he has more money then Trett.

Football Has Ended

Weston played his last game against Morenci. His team did a great job! I think they only lost two games. Wes wanted to ride home with us last night. Trett sat in the back by him and kept asking us what stunk so bad. Wyatt didn't mind it so much he and Wes shared earphones and listened to music together.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life Saver

Just a quick tip that has saved us this soccer season. I have a small basket on the top of my dryer. We keep the soccer shin guards, socks shorts and shirts in the basket. After I wash the soccer stuff I just put the soccer items in the basket. With four doing sports and three of them in soccer it is hard enough for me to keep up on practice, games, snacks, oranges, water bottles, and who goes where when I need some organization. Brent also knows about the basket and when he is running someone to practice or a game he knows to try the basket first. The kids also know to look there for their soccer stuff. GO TEAM!

I think I have gone fall crazy. I never have had much decorations for holidays now I think I have a lot for fall. These cute little blocks are from Thoughts in Vinyl. I loved these blocks because they are reversible. One side is trick or treat and the other side is give thanks. Less to store. Also if you sign up for her E mail list she will send you an E mail every month for a new project idea for the month. Then you order them if you want to. Happy fall!

Annie's Apples and Orchard

Trett's class went to Wilcox to Annie's Orchard. Wyatt and I went because we had never been before. The min I stepped out of the car I smelled warm apples baking in pies and breads. I thought how fun to be here in the fall. There was also fields of sunflowers. Deer grazing off the side of the road and fields of pumpkins and corn. In the beginning the kids were taught about bees and corn. Then as we went through the corn maze we had to answer questions in order to know if we were to go left or right (luckily for those of not really listening the answers were on the back.) Then after we found our way out of the maze we hopped on a tractor for a hay ride. We rode to fields and fields of pumpkins. The kids were told they could each have one pumpkin and the only stipulation was they had to find one they could carry, because no one was going to carry it out for them. Once they found it they were to raise their hand and someone would come and cut it for them. Then we rode back to the main farm and ate lunch. We had so much fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanks Allison!

Allison showed me this super cute project on Pebbles in my Pocket. I thought they were cute and knew we had a lot of wood left over from the add on of the house.
Brent and I guessed on the size and cut them out. Then Brent's sisters and I got together and made them up. It was fun. Thanks Allison for the great idea! Yours are in the mail.

Cook Out

I have the best husband. He is always full of fun family ideas. Today he wanted to have a family cookout. We cooked hamburgers over the fire and then we made s'mores. The kids had a great time visiting and eating. So much fun Wyatt wants to do it again for his birthday. Thanks babe your so fun!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Why I love being a mom.....

The other day Wyatt and Ella talked me into letting them go up the street to play with a friend. I was outside when they started to hurry up the road. Wyatt on his bike and Ella running close behind. Wyatt stopped quickly, got off his bike and ran to Ella, took off his shoes. He gave Ella his shoes and said wear my shoes since you don't have any. She quickly put them on and off they went.

So sweet to hear and be a part of. I am truly blessed to be a mom.

Weston took pictures of himself during conference

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I have wanted to paint my door for the longest time. Then when we went to my sisters house, Allison, she had a black door and I thought it looked so cute on her house. I had to wait for things to cool off a bit before I started painting. Yes I would love a big beautiful wooden door but since that costs a lot of money I am very happy with the new painted door.

A friend of mine made this cute skirt and shirt for Ella. She loves it and wears it all the time. She has gotten a lot of compliments on it. Thanks Leiah!



Weston made this "bat" and the kids had a good time playing baseball during the conference half time. Which brings me to our new family funny...............One of the little kids asked if conference was over. Ashtyn replied no it is only half time.