Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ashtyn does an amazing job with Ella's hair. Brent and I are usually at meetings two hours before church starts and Ashtyn is in charge of Ella. I am always amazed at the cute things she has done with Ella's hair. Ella is such a little doll! I love my sweet girls!

General Conference

General Conference and the General Store

This year for conference I got a few things at the dollar store and dug into my box I have for birthdays. I put prices on all of them. The kids could earn money by listening for key words, songs didn't count. Then when there was a song or after each session they got to come and get something they wanted. At first everyone was given a cup and a big jar of pennies were placed at the front of the room. This didn't work well because when someone saw someone else go up they too went up. So we went to paper and a pencils. This worked great! The kids tried to listen carefully and get more points then their brothers and sisters. It worked so good! When the closing prayer was over they commented on many of the key words they had heard! Next year I will do points instead of money just so we aren't "Shopping" on Sunday.

The ultimate slip and slide

My boys come up with some of the most smart/stupid ideas. I say that because some of them are seriously dangerous! Some of them are brilliant and lots of fun! The kids had a ball sudsing up and sliding! They commented on how much fun this would be at Grammy Cheryl's back yard. Grandma you have been warned!

Weston got his driving permit!

Watch out Weston is on the road. Just kidding he is a good driver. He has been in his first accident already! It wasn't his fault he was rear ended at a stop light!

I wake up to this a lot of Saturday mornings

Pinkalicious Ella

Ella woke up one morning and had a rash all over. I washed everything in her dresser and her bedding. Her rash lasted about 3 days. Her and Wyatt got out her book Pinkalicious and were laughing how she looked just like the girl in the story.

Pine Wood Derby

Pine Wood Derby was a lot of fun for Trett. He got first place in his Bear den! Yeah Trett way to go!

First Church Dance

Ashtyn and her friend Emma got to go to their first 12 and 13 year old dance at the church. They are beautiful young ladies.


Ashtyn turned 13! She and I went shopping and bought her some outfits. She also went out to lunch with Cydnee, Diana, Ella and myself. She loves it when the waitresses come and sing to her on her birthday. She also had to talk on her actual birthday. She did a great job. She is growing up so fast and is becoming a beautiful young woman.

Ashtyn is a power house when it comes to basketball. She is not shy on the basketball court. She is a great leader and a awesome ball player.

The Magic Show

Years ago Weston got a box filled with magic tricks. When he and Ruger were younger they put on a marvelous magic show. So when we were all together trying to get things done for dad they gave us another marvelous magic show. I love this in these sweet children. They seem to grow so fast but yet still remember the things that make us happy.

Valentines Day!

The kids made Valentines cards for their friends. We also made soft icing cookies and decorated them.