Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stake Conference

This past Sunday was Stake Conference.  I loved it!  During conference Brent and I both shhh'ed Ella and told her to listen.  Brent pulled up on his lap and she said out loud, "I don't get it.  I really don't get it!"

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sleeping on the porch

Trett really wanted to sleep on the porch.  He talked Wyatt and Ella into joining him.  As soon as the movie was over they were in the house and left Trett to sleep by himself.  Luckily Weston joined him.  It stormed that night.  It is November and it was cold.  The wind blew hard and it rained.  Brent checked on them and they said they liked the wind blowing over them while they were all snuggled in.


Wyatt and Ella packed a picnic and then went out and enjoyed it.  When they were done they climbed the tree as high as they could.


Trett and his Den did a really cute skit.  Trett also got a trophy for his pinewood derby car and many other awards.  Way to go Trett!

Feild trip to Discovery Park

Ella invited me to go with her to her field trip to Discovery Park.  We learned about wildlife.  Thank you Ella I had a lot of fun!

Haloween 2012

 I got to go in and help Wyatt's class with his Halloween party.  He was a football player.  Then during the parade the kids from all the classes get to do a parade through the classes.  Ella came through Wyatt's class she makes a cute cheerleader.

 Later that night we went to Trunk or Treat at the church.  Trett was a Cardinals fan Wyatt a missionary and Ella a cheerleader.

 There was trick or treating outside in the parking lot and fun and games inside.  The missionaries did the judging on the best costumes.  I thought for sure Wyatt would win but he didn't.
 Ashtyn and her friend just wore fun make up on their eyelids.  They were a press on eye shadow that had bats on them.  Yes we are missing Wes.  He had practice.

Jack O Lanters

 Brent got out his drill and Ella LOVED using it!  She couldn't stop laughing.  I think she would have drilled holes in the whole pumpkin if she could have.

 They turned out so cute!  Ashtyn had a kitten and Wyatt did his all himself.  They definately are growing up.

Trett turns 10!

For Trett's birthday he wanted french toast for breakfast and biscuits and gravy for dinner.  He took doughnuts to his class and wanted ice cream sundaes for his dessert.  He got $50 from us.  I can hardly believe that he is 10!  Happy Birthday Trett!

Homecomming Week

 Hippie Day
Disney character...of course Wes wanted to be Mr Incredible.  He and some friends dressed up as the Incredibles.
Super Hero day
Favorite Disneycharacter
Nerd day
 Ashtyn rode with the Volleyball players
Wes rode on the float with the football players

It's GREAT to be 8!

 Wyatt turned 8.  I was so sick for his birthday.  It was all I could do to just climb out of bed.  I felt so terrible that I couldn't do much for him.  I baked to round cakes and got the things for his gift.  When I went and got Ashtyn I told her where the cake was and how to put the gift together and told her it was all up to her.  Then I went back top bed feeling super guilty.  When Brent got home Ashtyn had it all together.  The cake looked great and she made icing it turned out great!  Brent pretended the bag his gift was in was super heavy.  Then when Wyatt opened the bag out flew balloons with money attached.  He asked for waffles for breakfast, nachos for his birthday dinner and Hershey kiss cookies for his class (his favorite).  Happy birthday Wyatt!

Bronco Bill's Treasure

 Brent tells the kids a story about Bronco Bill's treasure.  I really don't know the story but I think it is about an old cowboy that buried treasure in the mountains.  To this day his treasure has never been found.  The kids and Brent always talk about exploring the mountains and finding it.  For the boys birthday they had the option of going bowling or searching for Bronco Bill's lost treasure.  They didn't even hesitate we were going exploring!  We bought KFC for lunch and were off to find treasure.  We hiked, explored and got stickers out of our shoes and socks.  Then we found a cave!  No there wasn't any treasure.  Spending time with the family was a big enough treasure!

 Had to carry our shovel, gold panning equipment, binoculars, head lamps, and the dog.

 LOTS of stickers
The boys shot BB guns and road 4 whellers.  Lots of fun!