Monday, December 21, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

Each house was very original. Ella and her dad made the Gila Valley temple. Wyatt and I made a two story. Trett and dad did another two story house. Ashtyn made a house with a stable next door. She had a cow, manger and a snowman. Weston had a great three story house.
This is how I feel doing gingerbread houses.

Ashtyn Started Basketball

Ashtyn started basketball. She is a good little player. It is fun to see her play. They won their first game.

Eye Appointments

We had another eye appointment. We took the three little ones. We still need to get the other kids in. Trett's eye looked good and the other kids were okay.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wyatt's Preschool Program

Wyatt has the cutest preschool teacher. Trett also got to have her for a teacher. I LOVE the program she puts on. Everyone has a part and some even tell a few jokes. One that a few kids told were, Why does Santa have 3 gardens? Because he likes to HO, HO, HO. The T shirts she has the kids make are super adorable. Wyatt got to be a Shepard and was the proudest Shepard. Then Santa came!! Somehow he knew Brent and asked him to come up and sit on his lap. He wanted to thank him for helping him get unstuck many years ago in Round Valley. He asked Brent what he wanted. Brent asked for a new truck. Santa gave him a ASU hat. That Santa!

Rudolph Nutter Butter Cookies

I found these little cuties on the blog nap time crafts. Wyatt and Ella helped me make them. We did them in steps first the antlers. Then the eyes. Last the nose. I did the icing and the kids placed the yummies on. We made them for Wyatt's preschool program. Supper easy and lots of fun!
If you want to make them just get the following:

Nutter Butter Cookies
Reg sized chocolate chips
Mini pretzels
I made up royal icing but I am sure you could use regular icing

Monday, December 7, 2009

The NBA called and they asked for WILTBANK

Last week the Safford 7th grade team, the team Weston is on, played Thatcher's 7th grade. Good'ole rivals especially after last years game. Weston played AWESOME! He scored 26 points out of the 36 points made. He was on a roll. Or as he would say,
"I got skills!" They won!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I can hardly believe that it is already December. Time is going by too quickly. Watching the excitement in the kids eyes as they talk about Christmas is so much fun to see. I love listening to their conversations about past Christmas's. I am very grateful for the opportunity to their mom. Our little family is truly blessed because of all of our close family and friends. Each of you we are truly grateful for. I hope that we will always have the spirit of Christmas in our hearts all year long. We hope all of you Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Looking For the Perfect Christmas Tree

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Playing in the New Fallen Snow

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Cutting the Tree and Warming up With Hot Cocoa

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Sleep Over at Grandma and Grandpa's House

My brother and I live far apart from each other. When our kids get together I really enjoy watching them play together. His son and Wyatt had a lot of fun together. They even had a "sleep over".

Strawberry Jam

Lexi and I got together and made strawberry jam. Love that smell of cooking strawberries. I had a lot of fun hanging out with Lexi. Thanks Lexi for all the fun!

Horse Ridding

When we were up home for Thanksgiving Aunt Tonya and Uncle Bill invited us to ride their horses. All of the kids were excited! We even got to have Ryan's little cutie come and ride. They had a lot of fun. Thanks guys for showing us such a fun timePosted by Picasa

Ridding The Dutton's Horses

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Lots of yummy food, family and football.

Wes and basketball and Wyatt's Shinny Tooth

Wes made the basketball team. His team has done great this year! He was asked to play on the 8th grade team for the last game. He got to play a lot and made over 10 points! Way to go Wes!

Wyatt got this cute little "star" as they called it in the dentist office. He continued to complain about his cheek hurting. When Brent took a look he saw his little tooth was broken off. Wyatt did a great job at the dentist. All the hygienist ladies swooned over him. When we left he got two things out of the grab bag. Then as I was paying he asked if me where his tooth brush was. I told him to go and ask the nice lady that helped us. He then let me know that the nice ladies name was Roberta. Then when he got home he kept biting his lip and it got bigger and bigger. A few days later he was back to himself. Then one Sunday after getting dressed he was checking himself out in the mirror and said mom I wish my shinny tooth was right here in the front. Then he came home from school and told me a girl had told him she liked his tooth. I guess the bling is paying off. I am just glad it will fall out in the next few years.

Naughty Chicken

We have this one chicken that is such a stinker! One time when we were leaving to go out of town for a while the naughty chicken got out of the coop. Brent tried to get it back in but before he knew it the chicken had flew over the fence into the neighbors yard, our neighbors have 4 dogs two that are rottweilers and one boxer. I had just came outside and saw it happen. Knowing all to well this hens fate and anxious to get on the road I told Brent there wasn't much more we could do unless he wanted to hop the fence and try to get out alive while holding a chicken. When we got in the suburban to leave one of the kids asked if we got he chicken taken care of. I replied quickly, "yes he is certainly taken care of." Not letting them in on Brent's and I secret. At that point Brent asked me to pray before we headed out for our destination. He told the kids he thought I was the one who needed to be praying right now. I knew it was because I had just told a doozie. Well when we returned home there was that naughty chicken back in our yard alive and not in the coop. This chicken gets in my flower beds and is always stirring up trouble with the other hens. The other day Ashtyn followed her and found this little stash behind the chicken coop. We knew that some days we were short an egg or two and thought they had slowed down laying because of the cold. I should have known better. I think there was 18 eggs.

My Handsome Boys

Ashtyn's Soccer Team at the Playoffs

Astyn's soccer team did really great this year. They were undefeated through out the whole season. This was her first year playing co-ed and she was one of the youngest ones on the team. She did a super job!

Fall Fun!

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