Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love this time of year. Everything is blooming and it is time to start the garden. Brent worked hard on the garden spot this year. He even came home early from the scout camp out to get the garden planted. The kids are always so eager to help and get very excited at the growth of each plant and picking the veggies. I just wish it would stay this cool all summer. The heat makes it hard for me to drag myself out and work in the garden.

It is the cutes thing when these little guys start loosing their teeth. I love the missing spaces and the whistle when they talk. And the excitement about the tooth fairy. Trett has been working on this tooth for a long time. Then last night he woke up and came into my room to tell me he lost his tooth but could not find it. I wonder if he swallowed it. Tonight he wrote the cutest letter to the tooth fairy.
Dear tooth fairy I have lost my tooth but it is in my tummy. Can you bring me money?

Poor little Ella. This is an all too familiar scene her crashed somewhere other then her bed while I run errands. I even started putting a blanket or two in the car so she could sleep in the shopping cart while I shopped. One cashier said that is amazing I can't believe she sleeps through all this. The car seat wouldn't be so bad if she would stay in her car seat. This is Wyatt booster and I hate them for naps nowhere for their little heads to rest.

These kids look so happy, RIGHT? Well not really. Brent has been really busy and was gone for the weekend with Weston on a scout camp out. I was starting to feel a bit cooped up and missing another date night. So I thought it would be fun to take the kids for pizza and grab a few movies. We invited a few friends to go along and no one could go. The kids played a few games and then we ate pizza. No one seemed to have a good time. And I forgot it was no TV at school this month. Guess I wasn't thinking.

I remember shaving with my dad when I was little. So fun to see my kids do it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weston is now a bit taller then I am. He has always been intelligent and that too has surpassed me in SOME areas. So as I am sitting in parent teacher conference listening to Weston give his presentation I am once again reminded of how much I have forgotten and how much I never understood. I also think to myself no one else has to know just nod and smile and make a few simple comments. Then his teacher ends with an apology to Weston. Something about a rectangle being a square. I guess they had a discussion in class earlier and Weston disagreed with the teacher and said that some rectangles are squares. She explained that she had done some research and Weston was right, some rectangles are squares. Which she then said she wondered why we didn't call the rectangles that are squares, squares. At this time I am still nodding and inside thinking am I following this conversation? Can you imagine in kindergarten how many shapes there could be and the confusion? I never would have made it past the shape test. If you didn't know before now ya know some rectangles are squares.
Wyatt is such a cutie! He had a substitute teacher in primary on Sunday. This sweet Sister has always adored Wyatt. When she sat down with the kids she asked them what they had been learning about. She said the room was silent for a while then Wyatt spoke up and said, "We've been learning about the gospel." Then she said, "Wyatt why are so cute?" He replied, "Cuz my mom combed my hair this morning." Can I just bottle these cuties? What do you do when it's gone?

Sunday afternoon I went outside to see what all the excitement was about and this is what I saw. Brent had been out their a little while before I got out there and wasn't too happy to find them jumping off the roof! I am sure snapping a few pictures didn't help them feel it was okay. We let them know how STUPID and DANGEROUS it was. I just wonder what they do when I am not home. How can I hide a trampoline and a ladder? Ashtyn was the only smart one.

Ashtyn's Girl Party

Ashtyn invited a few friends to go with her to get their hair done. They had so much fun! Ella even got in on it and LOVED IT! They also got glitter in their hair and their choice of a bow. Then we went to the DQ. I told them they could get anything they wanted. I thought it was cute how they still ordered the regular ice cream cone. Then we went to a Little local clothing boutique. Then back home to hang out. They were so Cute!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I was in my room folding laundry with my window open. I heard one of the kids say, "hey we should put water under the trampoline then we could get all wet!" I yelled out the window there was to be no water on outside. Then a while later when I went to the kitchen and looked out the kitchen window I saw them with just a trickle of water coming out the hose and what looked like the making of mud pies. There was even someone standing at the end of hose ready to turn it off. Fun idea I thought. Honestly just minutes later I looked outside again and this is what I saw. I WANT TO BE A KID AGAIN!
My kids beg me for HOT Cheetos. I bought some and then heard a bit of a conversation between Wyatt and Trett about putting them in the freezer. Like a lot of things I just ignore it and move on. Later I got more of an understanding about why Wyatt put the HOT Cheetos in the freezer. He thinks that if you put them in the freezer they will no longer be hot. He even proved it to me when he took one out and ate it. I didn't press him for the truth I just laughed and loved the thought and idea.

I just had to post one of my pictures for my 365 project. I took this of Ella the other day. It made me laugh because she had the blow dryer on so fast her poor little baby kept blowing over. She loves to play with the blow dryer.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ashtyn's Perm

Ashtyn will be turning ten next week. For her birthday she wanted a perm. Today her and I spent the afternoon getting our hair done. It was fun. I didn't get a picture of the finished product. The top of her hair didn't take too well to the perm. So I am not sure that she really likes it. We will have to wait and see if she likes it when she washes it later.

Great Job Bulldogs!

Weston leading his team in warm ups.

Put me in coach....

The Ashby boys made signs. Hayden goes to school in Thatcher and loved giving Wes a hard time with his sign. I thought it was too fun!

Brent was the assistant coach. Weston's coach, Eddie Moya, was an excellent coach. He worked the boys hard but they learned so many wonderful skills and a lot of respect. The team played hard and put a lot of hurt on all the other teams in the area. The one and only time that Thatcher would play us was on the championship game. The Safford Bulldogs lost. It was a really close game the whole time. The boys played really good. I am really impressed with Weston basketball talent. He was a super team leader.
On Saturday the boys met at R & R pizza. After the lunch Brent brought home most of the team. I wondered what all these boys would do at the house for the next four hours. I came out and visited with them. I got a few looks that I wasn't sure what exactly they meant. I thought I should probably just put the food on the table and stay out of the way. I thought for sure Weston was going to let me know that I had talked way too much. Instead he told me one of his friends thought Brent and I were fun parents.