Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Surrender!

Believe it or not but these little cuties have given me a run for my money. Keep in mind these little guys are together a lot and there is usually many more of them. And I am not new to having them together but today they thought they would give me all they had. Just for starters Ella and Clark were tired since this morning. They all have a ball together and play hard. Today they tried to play with ever toy and game we had in the house. Monopoly money mixed with Connect four pieces, poker chips, and plastic pirate money has been a favorite to distribute though out the house. Did I mention every toy out? I then went and checked on Ella and Clark to see them playing perfection, the game with lots of tiny little yellow pieces that you place in the correct shape before they pop up. Later I found these cute little pieces in Ellas purse and in her toy basket and under her dresser. I had just finished cleaning off the back porch and suggested they ride their bikes. This was a big fight since Wyatt just learned to ride his bike and his balance wasn't very good he crashed a lot and it was everyone else fault. Since it was later in the after noon I thought perfect time for a movie just settle down and rest. I told them get a pillow and get comfy. I ran to throw a pile of stuff away outside came back probably two min later and every sheet and blanket was off of their beds and all over the living room. Lets talk toilets now. Most kids just play in the toilet water in the bowl not these kids they lift the tank and play with that. I go in to investigate and there is potty everywhere and one is in the shower "hiding from the other and they are both laughing half naked. By the way Wyatt got mad at Clark earlier in the day because he pottied on him. I then lectured them on all going potty one at a time three boys at one time not a smart idea. Countless clothes have been changed... then as I peek outside to check on them I see Ella half naked out side and jumping on the trampoline and having the time of her life playing basketball with the boys. I yell at her to get her pants on... she yells back no I want you to do it. As I am heading out the door I run into Bishop who came to get some wood. I am hoping at this point Things are a bit normal as he enters the back yard. Normal that is if a little girl jumping on the trampoline with three boys and half naked is somewhat normal. Maybe I 'll have to make her an appointment with him. Then later Clark and Ella come to my bedroom door and Ella says mom I'm muddy... What?!? Mud?!? where in the world did the mud come from? Probably from potting once again in their pants and being in the dirt. Nope they found mud and their feet were covered up to their ankles and in my house. Wyatt called me from the bathroom sure I was being summons for a bum wiping nope he threw up. In the shower they played turn the water from warm to freezing cold which brought many reactions from laughing to crying. We ate pizza and as I was at the sink I turned on the water and a pan was tightly against the squirter on the faucet. You know those moments when you know what to do but can't seem to do it fast enough. They even gurgled the milk at dinner oh so funny.... Soccer in the house then when I ask them to take it outside one of them says, as if I had said nothing, I need to get my shoes on so I can kick it. So since I X'ed that they thought basket ball would be a better idea. I have explained that it is now bed time and they can watch a movie for a little while and I have already been in to change the movie, settle a few fight including a pillow fight and to see to cute bugs smiling at me on the floor with big wads of gum in those cute little smiles. Where that came from and where it will end up nobody knows. Oh and did I mention the fun idea of throwing a bag of marbles in the air just for fun? Gotta run I just heard the treadmill go on. And another little cutie just got here.

That is just a few things that happened today.

Gotta love them.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What would you do for $20.00

While Brent and Wes were planting fruit trees they came across these huge larvae. Brent offered Wes $20.00 to eat it. Wes thought this was great! Those were the biggest ugliest bugs I had ever seen. It was even leaking something gross. He popped it in his mouth and then spit it out. Brent couldn't quit laughing. He gave Wes $5.00.

Our Stake has been asking us to plant fruit trees. We already had six in the back yard but decided to plant three more. Brent also pruned our existing trees and I wondered if they would bloom if I put them in water and they did! Having a little spring in the house is fun.

I love seeing the kids play together and laughing.

Ashtyn's sewing project

On Sunday Ashtyn asked if I would help her make a bag. Sure I thought. I tried to keep it super simple. She picked out material that I had extra of and we started sewing. I was proud of her she took her time and did a GREAT JOB! The other day she said I think I will make a bag every Sunday. She now puts her school books in it and uses it for school.


Wyatt and Ella thought it would be so great to pack a lunch in their lunch boxes and have a picnic . I loved sitting with them on the floor and visiting with them.


We have the best neighbors. Across the street from us Papa Ray lives. He always has Popsicles and cool rocks to look at and take home. The kids love to play in his trees and help him with projects around the house. We and Ashtyn love to go over just as much as the little ones because when they were smaller they always went across the street. Also the neighbors next door are great! The kids love to walk on the wall between our two houses. It is funny to see the dog up there walking with them. I say wall because the fence is about 6 feet high. So it scares me to death when the little ones are up there. They also jump over the fence to play. The top picture is of Brent visiting the neighbors with the kids listening in. We laugh because the Brent and Bea can see each other and Bobbie and I speak to each other and but can't see each. Maybe I need to scale the wall with the kids. Now that would be a picture! It is sure a blessing to have great friends so close.


Is this really necessary? I think it is bad enough that the kids came home dumped the back packs and coats. But do the little ones really have to dump out the Lincoln logs, tinker toys, Lego's, army men and other toys all together? I asked Wyatt and Ella to pick up the toys, I even gave them two cups to scoop up the mess. I wasn't even asking them to separate them. Just get them off the ground and in their room. They sure look like they are busy getting it done!


I thought I had better get a picture of this while I still could. Ashtyn and Ella are about 7 years apart an there isn't a lot of things they play together. Ashtyn loves to do Ellas hair and Ella loves for her do it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Does it get better then this?

I LOVE this picture! I think it would get better if only I could fit all my nieces and nephews in the suburban. I love to listen to them laughing and their cute little conversations.

365 proj picture of the day

What does a two year old put in her purse?
a play cup
baby bottle
curling iron
magic wand
Cinderella cell phone
Hanna Montana cell phone
pearl bracelet
3 small dolls
red glitter glasses
lip gloss
make up brush
huge diamond ring
two more bracelets
doll brush
Nintendo DS instruction
doll hat

Weekend with the Wiltbank family

Grandpa Bill, Grandma Marion, Richard and Anna came to visit because they had Monday off. Everyone played hard. Anetta and Diana brought their families over and the cousins all played. We watched the big Cardinals game, ate, played games,went to the park, watched basketball and ates some more. When it came Monday evening Ella crashed on the couch and the boys and I crashed on my bed with the clean laundry.

Boys will be boys

Wyatt fell the other day and his tooth went right through his lower lip. Then the next day he fell again and did it again.

Cute repair man

I have the cutest repair man! Just a little about our life and some wonderful blessings. A while back we had trouble with the dryer. We had bought the dryer about 8 years ago and when we bought it it was old then. So when it started giving me trouble we figured we had gotten our money out of it. We even looked at a few new ones to see what we were getting into. Knowing all too well we didn't have the cash. Then one day while I was doing laundry a thought came to me, "pull the dryer out more from the wall." So I did and the clothes started drying more quickly. I still have to give it a little bit of a knee to the dryer door to get it to go but it works. Then the other day I put Westons hoodie in the washer late at night. I fell asleep and thought for sure someone would be needing something in the night and I would just put it in the dryer then. No one needed anything I woke up at 5:30 to find the washer still washing. I thought the day earlier that the wash seemed to be taking longer. It even made some weird loud sounds. I thought for sure I had washed something of someones but when I looked nothing. Just when we thought we were in the clear. I explained to Brent I needed it fixed soon. A few days with no laundry done can get pretty ugly around here. He ask me to give him one day to look at himself. He took some of it apart and asked if I would clean it up while he was at work. I did and when he got home we looked at a few more things put it back together and tried it once again. It worked great! I know that to some this is no big deal but for me I know that we have been blessed. Brent even commented on that. I am so grateful for our Father in Heaven and his blessing he sends us.

A hunting we will go....

It's that time again. Time to put in for elk hunting. Didn't they just get back? This year Brent got Uncle Than and Bill to put in with him and Weston. Wow he is going to be a busy little hunter if everyone gets drawn. That doesn't even include deer and all the other little critters and friends that need "help". I'll just have to stay away from sugar and get in a few naps so I can be nice about it.

Where is this girl going?

Ashtyn got this stroller out to take Ella and Clark for a walk. Now it remains a permanent item in the house. Ella just loads it up with everything possible and off she goes.
(It had to be the two seater)
You can't tell but there are three babies strapped together in the front.

Weston's Basketball

Weston's basketball

I love to watch and listen to Weston's younger siblings and cousins watching Wes play basketball. They think he is the coolest and best basketball player. Trett and Hayden really get in to the game. One time I glanced over while weston was making a free throw shot and and saw Wyatt covering his eyes.
To have such fans!

Brent is the assistant coach for the team. The name of the team is the Suns. Wes in #45. They have only lost one close game this year.

Wylie rides a bike

Wyatt has known how to ride a two wheel bike for some time. He would just go back and forth. I think he just got frustrated easily. He got this bike for Christmas. One handle bar has a
"speed odometer" on it and it also revs up when you twist the handle back. It took him a little while to figure out the coordination of riding and revving at the same time. Too cute!

Me and my gang ......

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ashtyn's Piano Recital

She will probably kill me if she sees that I have put this on the blog. She practiced so much. Then when she got up to do her song she must have gotten super nervous. You can hear her start over a few times at the beginning. When she went to bed she was upset she didn't do so well. I am proud that she went and got up there. To me it was SUPER! She did great and Brent and I are very proud of her. (Gotta love the kid in the front of me!?)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Temple in the Gila Valley

The building of the temple in our little valley is fast approaching. On the way to work Brent came up with an idea. He thought it would be nice if we took a picture as a family where the temple will be built. Then when it is built to go back and take more. We are really excited to have the temple built here. I think of all the neat experiences the kids will have. Having an opportunity to watch it being built is going to be wonderful. The primary kids are donating pennies to a large jar in primary. What a wonderful way for each child to feel like they have helped to build the temple. I know there will be many more ways we will be able to assist in having this beautiful Temple. We truly feel this is a wonderful blessing.