Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick Update

We had another appointment today for Trett. We saw an eye surgeon and he also agreed with the first optometrist about Trett's eye. Tomorrow we have another eye appointment with a retina eye specialist to make sure that the retina doesn't have any other problems like a possible tumor or anything else. I'll post more tomorrow. Thanks for all of your love and support!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Recently Brent and I had noticed Trett's right eye not focusing on us when we talked to him. I noticed it only a few times and thought it seemed worse when he was more tired. I did ask him if he could see me or if things were blurry. He said he could see me and no things were not blurry. I wondered if he had a lazy eye. I made him a Dr appointment to the eye Dr. The morning of his appointment we were all talking about him going. Ashytn played along and had him close each eye and tell her what number of fingers she was holding up. On the second eye he replied when I shut that eye and keep this one open everything goes dark. I didn't think a lot about it and was just glad we were going to the Dr. When we reached the Dr office and the Dr started examining both eyes I began to realize Trett was really having a hard time seeing with the right side. It became apparent when the Dr covered his left eye and started waving his hands in front of Trett's face and said tell me what you see and Trett said I can't see anything. He cannot see anything with his right eye.

What?!? Since when? Why hadn't I noticed? Why didn't he tell me. I was flooded with questions and emotions.

The Dr told us that his retina had become detached and it looked to have a lot of scar tissue. He said the scar tissue made him think Trett hadn't been able to see out of his right eye for a few years. And that trauma to the head may have caused this.

My mind raced back as I tried to remember any trauma to the head. He did have to have his forehead glued at one time. That was all I could think of that was anything out of the normal head trauma. Of course he is a boy and they fight, wrestle and try dangerous stuff all the time. I did the normal every time he fell or hit his head, loved him checked his eyes to see if they were dilated and just watched him the rest of the day. Nothing really came to mind. I still felt and still do feel terrible not knowing Trett was walking around with one blind eye. I asked the Dr why wouldn't he say something? He said that he probably didn't know better. I would have thought it would be scary to a small child. He said there wasn't much we could do. If we had caught it in the first 24 hours then the retina could possible be reattached. He set us up an appointment with a eye surgeon to see what they thought.

Brent and I spent the rest of yesterday walking around with one eye closed. Funny because neither of knew the other one was doing it. Talking with a few people that have eye problems say that the good eye will compensate for the hurt eye. We have tried to get somewhat of a timeline of when it happened. I checked his school records and the last eye test he had was before kindergarten and he passed. Trett said he remembers hurting the top of that eye when he was in preschool. So that doesn't make sense unless it happened after his kindergarten registration in April.

Last night when I was tucking him in bed I explained to him we would do everything possible to help him see in that eye. I explained he might be able to see again or not see as well as his good eye or he might never see out of it again. He said I hope so. Meaning he hopes he will be able to see again. My heart just sank. Had he been worried about for all his time and never said anything. Had he said something and I never paid attention. So many thoughts have flooded my mind. When I ask him why he didn't say something to me he just said I don't know.

When I was explaining it to Wyatt he said mom can't Jesus help him. SO SWEET

We are having a special fast on Sunday for him.

I will post more after our appointment on Monday afternoon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wyatt goes to preschool

I think he is the cutest preschooler. He was so excited and could hardly wait for this moment to arrive. Last year his cousins and friends all went to preschool. At the table this morning Ella said I want to go to preschool and Wyatt told her she would have to wait and it is a long time to wait. Then he got dressed and waited on the couch with with his backpack on. Then I took the kids and Wyatt to school. I could hear him in quietly saying please drop me off first, please drop me off first. He also told me, Mom I am going to miss you. Wyatt is sweet that way he always says Mom I love you. He will be missed. Ella could hardly stand having him away. The whole time he was gone she kept asking me when he would be home. One time I made a few suggestions about something she could play with and she said all she wanted was to get in the car and get Wyatt.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of school

I have mixed feelings about school starting. Usually I want to have them home and know where they are and what they are doing. The past few weeks have just been a bit challenging. We have had a really busy summer. I just love things in order and on a schedule. I know right now Satan is trying really hard to bring contention into our home. I realize with the temple going up he is trying even harder then usual. We haven't had any super hard trial come our way it is just the little contention that seems to be in our home all the time. I will continue to have family scripture study, family home evening and ask for help from our Heavenly Father. I remember a talk at conference that said if we wanted less contention in our home these are the things we must keep doing. I do miss the kids. It was really hard to send Wes to middle school for the first time. I cried a bit as I drove off. I wish time with the kids wouldn't fly by so fast.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meet Cassie

Meet Cassie. Lately Ella has been carrying this doll EVERYWHERE. When she wakes up in the middle of the night for a drink she will have her tucked under her arm. The other day we were headed to soccer practice and I was running behind I rushed everyone to find their shoes and go potty. We ran out the door in a hurry. Later at practice Ella realized Cassie was not with us. I told her I would call her dad and she could ask him to put her down for a nap. So Ella talked to Brent and Brent said he would put her down.Later when we returned home I asked her how Cassie was. She explained to me that she found Cassie in the bathroom. Brent tried to explain that Cassie fell asleep in the bathroom. She didn't like that Cassie was left in the bathroom. She even brought it up again this morning. Come on Dad!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We have this little stinker that has a house right behind our house. He is always taunting my kids and throwing all their junk in our yard. I came home from being away to Eagar and found Trett's bike between our fence and their fence. As if someone tried to heave the bike over the six foot fence and didn't quite make it. Then today as I walked out back I saw him on top of the fences with one of my boys bow in his hands. I yelled at him to put it back. Then I went and got my shoes on. I then went to the fence threw all the trash back in his yard and told him that if I ever caught him in my yard taking something I would call the police. I told him he was no longer welcome in our yard because he had taken one to many things. I then asked him and the other kids jumping on their trampoline who tried to steel the bike. They told me Zach had. I no longer assumed I thought now I at least know the other kids told me it was him. They even said that Zach had tried but couldn't do it. Which made me realize that they were telling the truth because like I said earlier the bike was stuck between both fences.

We have had many other problems with these neighbors. My father in law even tried to talk to the dad and they were just a stinker too. My poor neighbor next door said that she was on her porch and they were yelling at her and throwing things in her yard. She isn't sure what to do.

As I have cooled down a bit I wonder what am I really suppose to do about Zach. I don't think his home environment is good. Should I have him over tried to change the world starting with one child. He has got to be only 7.

What would you do?