Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Vacation

 The Reidheads invited us to go hang out at Riggs Lake.  On the way up Trett said he was glad we were finally going on a summer vacation.  Everyone took a turn driving.

 Lianne and Ashtyn took the boys for a boat ride.  They didn't stop talking about how badly they wanted to go swimming.
 Lianne and Ashtyn made sure they got to go swimming
 They swan for a while but complained about how cold it was and scared all the fish away.
 We had a picnic
 Keri asked if I wanted to go on a boat ride.  I thought it would be fun...until we both realized neither of us have rowed a boat.  We got a lot of dirty looks when we got in the way of others fishing lines.  Eventually I got the hang of it and we made it back to the shore and it was the shore where we were suppose to be at.  Brent said that was the funniest thing he had ever seen.
 We did a little fishing

We had a lot of fun and are very grateful for great friends and the beautiful mountains

The First Day Of School

Ella is in first grade and has Mrs Garcia for a teacher

Trett is in 4th grade and has Mr Cornelius

Wyatt is in second grade and has Mrs Fite
Weston is a Sophmore
Ashtyn is in 8th grade

The first day of school.  It seems like summer just flew by.  I would have loved a lot more time this summer.  I love having the kids home.

Teachers 2012

The kids are always excited to see who they got for their teachers for the new school year.  As parents we cannot choose their teachers.  You can write a letter saying what you like in a teacher and your child's personality but no naming specific teachers you would like your child to have.  This year Trett got Mr Cornelius, Wyatt has Mrs Fite and Ella got Mrs Garcia.

Weston and Studying

Over the summer a few kids were given a MASSIVE English assignment.  They had the choice to do it and would benefit by getting into a different English class that was full of good kids and also would be pushed a little more.  Weston is pretty good about taking the initiative and doing things on his own that he needs to accomplish so I didn't worry too much.  His summer this year was full.  He spent a few weeks in Alpine working.  The trek, basketball camp out of town for a week, basketball games, and roofing.  When he was roofing he would leave about 4:45 am return just in time for football practice then after practice he would go to open gym for basketball or have a BB game.  So at the end of the summer he was really pushing to get it done.  Here he is with his duct taped straw bag of grapes and his Kindle reading his book.  He accomplished finishing his assignments.  He said his class is great!


The kids get to have an opertunity to show thier animals at SAILA.  The kids pay $15 to enter and if they win something they get a portion back.  Ashtyn won showmanship and got 2nd in how her pig looked she got $14.  Trett got 3rd in how his pig looked.  It is good practice for the kids and helps them to know what to work on for the fair in the fall. 
Sad news a few weeks after the show Ashtyn's pig got sick and died. 

Safford Bulldog Basketball Camp

The three muskateers went to basketball camp.  They loved it!  Ella really wanted to go to cheer camp but it fell on the week I was at girls camp.  I am not sure if it was any conselation that we signed her up for basketball camp.  Just last weekend the kids were all outside playing speed with the missionaries and she won every game.  I does help that she is super cute and make a few exceptions for her.  They are all great at basketball..

Swim Lessons

We love to hang out at the pool in the summer.  I signed up Wyatt and Ella for lessons this year because I wanted to make sure they had some good solid lessons on how to swim.  They did a great job!


Wyatt is a very funny kid!  Sometimes when I am frustrated with him and trying to get him to coporate with me and have just about reached the end of my rope he makes this face.  Come on you can't help but laugh!

4th of JULY

We love to go to Eagar for the 4th of July.  The kids love the parade and getting to hang out with cousins.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Safford Stake Trek

Wink'em such a fun game.  Each girl sits in front of a boy.  Everyone is in a circle.  There is one boy without a girl in front of him.  The boy without a girl winks at another girl that does have a boy behind her.  The girl then jumps up quickly and runs for the boy that just gave her a wink.  The boy behind her tried to grab her before she gets away.  If she doesn't get away she stays where she is.  If she does get away she goes to the boy that winked at her and the boy she just left in now the winker.

 Stick pull
 Every family had to choose one person to shoot for their food.  If you missed your family didn't get meat.
 Helping the women across the water
 We got to this point and talked to the kids about this is the right place.  Such a beautiful sight with all the youth, strong testimony and the view!
 Weston was in the Bingham family.  He is such an awesome young man!
 Ruger looking ever so handsome in his rainslicker
 Rough terrain.  The way had to be cleared and a two man saw did the job!
 Assembling the handcarts

 Some of our great Ma's and Pa's there were 17 Ma's and Pa's in all with 10 kids in each family.
 Each family had a baby.  Each baby weighed around 7 to 10 pounds.  Each baby was to always be treated as a real baby.  Many families lost their babies along the way and they had to be buried.  This is Wes with a few of his friends before we left the Stake Center.
Brent and I were the Head Ma and Pa over the trek this year.  It was a lot of work but so rewarding!  The youth inthe Safford Stake are truley remarkable youth!  We were super lucky and got to take my nephew Ruger with us.  We had a wonderful time and I am greatful we got to be a part of it.