Sunday, March 10, 2013

Christmas 2012!

 Santa brought Ella a bike a Shrinky Dink machine and a box filled with crafts.  Wyatt got an electric scooter, bubble gum machine and two electric air soft guns.
 Trett got a 22, basketball hoop and clothes
 Ashtyn an i pod touch and a mannequin head for practicing hair and a bling belt

 Weston got a tool box for his truck, things to fix up his truck and clothes

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The NIght Before Christmas!

The night before Christmas the kids all try to sleep in the same room.  This Christmas Weston and Wyatt hung out together and Ella, Wyatt and Ashtyn all slept in the same room.  Dad tried out the sleeping arrangements while Ella read him a story.

Christmas Jammies

The kids open up new pajamas for Christmas.  Ella got pajamas to match her American Girl doll.

Christmas Day

On Christmas day we always seem to have a good game of Basketball going.

Christmas Party at the Ashby's

The Christmas party was at the Ashby's house this year.  The cousins got to hang out together.  We had yummy food, played games and did the Nativity.  Papa Bill and Grandma always like to do the fishing pond for the kids.

The Nativity

 This picture made me laugh.  I love all the kids and their personalities!
Every year at Christmas time Brent's family has acted out the nativity.  The kids are super cute doing it and it is so fun to watch. 

Ella gets her ears pierced

My poor girls have the worst time when their ears are pierced.  We pierced Ella's when she was younger and she got a huge infection in one ear.  It got so bad it went down the side of her neck.  I was very apprehensive about her doing it again.  With much pleading and begging we tried it again.  She was mad when we got done that we didn't get another picture when it was all over. 


We might not get snow to stick but we do get leaves to play in!

12 Days Until Christmas Countdown

 We did a count down for Christmas advent calander here are few things we did.

 Building a snowman in where we live can be a little tricky.  I think ours turned out super cute!

 Make reindeer cookies.  Wyatt even got to take these to his scouts for his Christmas party

A few other things we did were to go look at Christmas lights, do a secret service for someone in the family, make hot chocolate floats, make and take goodies to neighbors, and read the Christmas story.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

 First we started with these big lights.  Realized the tree looked very Charlie Brown.  So we took them off and got smaller lights.
Funny thing is between decorating and decorating again I must not have taken any pictures except these two. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Christmas Cookies

We love to make sugar cookies with lots of fluffy icing.  We love to share them with Santa!  Fun and delicious family tradition.


During Thanksgiving Allison got everyone mustache tatoos.  We had a ball with them!  Wyatt more then anyone.  Aunt Allison gave him some extra ones to take home.  One day he asked if he could wear one to school.  I was surpised but told him sure!  But not ot be disapointed if his teacher wanted him to wash it off.  He went to school and his teacher LOVED it!  She even took his picture.  Oh so cute!

Weston is 16 and dating!

Weston has been on a few dates since he turned 16!  He is so handsome!  A few dads have come up to us and told us how they appreciate Weston's good manners and how he asks the dads when they would like their daughter home and lets them know what they will be doing.  They grow too fast.