Monday, December 29, 2008


Brent's family and my family all went tubing outside of Greer. We had a BLAST!
(to see the pictures better click on the collage)

Mommy falls asleep

Ella was busy enjoying her sippie. So I thought it would be fun to lay on her lap for a change. Before I knew it I had fallen asleep and so had Ella. Poor little thing I wonder how long it took for her to get sensation back in her legs.

It's snowing!

This is a rare treat for my kids. The snow was fun for then to try to catch on thier tounges and play with.

Trip home to Eagar

Elk in Nutrioso
The trip to Eagar was so beautiful. The kids loved seeing the snow and feeling the cool weather.

When we woke up in the morning there were elk in my parents front yard. Everyday or night we saw these elk. One night I was getting in the suburban and the security light went on that was on the corner of my moms house. Next I heard hooves running. Sure enough as I went to leave elk. They were so close to the house and so much fun for the kids to look at. My parents love to see them but do not appreciate the damage the elk have done to their house.

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve

My sister gave us this magic Santa key a long time ago. Only Santa can use it to get into our house. He has to use the key because we do not have a chimney.
The kids spotted Santa! Better get to bed so he can come to our house.

New pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Santa came to our Christmas party!

Ella asked for a baby
Weston asked for a PSP

Wyatt threw me a loop and asked for a 22 gun!?!?
What happened to the bike???

Trett asked for a Phoenix Suns jersey

Ashtyn asked for a pink DS

Gingerbread Houses

When I was younger my family made real gingerbread houses. This was a fun tradition that I wanted to continue with my own family. One year we decided to do the graham cracker houses instead and it was a big hit because everyone got to do their own their way. Little Ella fell asleep early that night. Wyatt told her they could share.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Merry Christmas Friends and Family!

I loved being with little Ella as she recognized she was playing in the snow. She is still talking about it. She says, "I eat it snow, it cold!" To see the sparkle in her eyes not only when we played in the snow but when talk about Santa and baby Jesus. She BELIEVES! This is what I love so much about families Christmas and our Heavenly Fathers plan. Being a mother is truly the best gift. Also being part of a family is so comforting. I will always be GRATEFUL for Christ and love to celebrate his birth and share his message with those around me and my family. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Decorating the Chritmas tree

Playing in the snow at Alpine

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting THE Christmas tree

Brent found the cutest tree. This is starting to be one of my most favorite traditions. Christmas, snow, hot chocolate and family.

Wylie gets sick

Poor little Wylie. He got really sick the night before we went home. Thank you Aunt Tonya and Uncle Bill for all the LOVE and help.

We had decided to head home early because Wyatt and Ella were not feeling well. Our family, Brent's sisters, their families and Grandpa and Grandma wanted to get a live tree for Christmas. Since some of us were heading home we decided to look in Alpine. At a spot we had gotten a tree with everyone last time we got together for Thanksgiving. When we got there there was snow! My kids rarely see snow and we were excited! With Wyatt being so sick I just let him sleep in the back of the suburban. He woke up and came outside for just a short while. Then sat in the suburban and dozed off and on. I tried to get his picture but he kept telling me, "I don't want my picture taken. Then later on the next morning the other kids were talking about the tree. Wyatt said we didn't get a tree. We showed him the tree we got. He was so sick poor little guy!

Thanksgiving at Grandpa and Grandma Wiltbanks house

Grandpa Wiltbank and Brent decided to take most of the kids hiking. The kids had a great time and came back tired and hungry.