Sunday, January 23, 2011

The O.K. Corral at the Wiltbank House

Brent and the kids have been busy building a corral in the back yard. Weston has been given the opportunity to raise a steer this year. I love the way Brent made the opening look like you are entering into a big ranch. I told him that he should hang a sign that says BS ranch. Now lets get that straight it stands for Brent and Sasha. Okay maybe a bit both ways seeing how we do have a small little ranch. One steer eight chickens, one dog, lots of stray cats, and five little animals that live in the house (kids).

Poor Willow Tree

This Willow tree was started when we first built our house. Brent got it off of a cutting from the Willow tree in his parents front yard. It grew big and was becoming a great shad tree. We put the kids pool under it and the chemicals in the water killed the tree so we had to cut it down. I was sad to see it go. It takes so long for trees to grow.

Weston's Basketball Season

Weston eats drinks and lives for basketball. He is a stud when it comes to basketball. He has a lot of great players on the team. They play finals this week. GO DOGS!

New Years Eve Party

Can you stack Three golf balls on top of each other in less then a minute?

Using only your lips/face hang Christmas balls on string.
Blow the cards to the edge of the table and have it hang there without falling off. Anetta did it in 5 seconds!
Place a cookie on your forehead and wiggle it down your face using only facial expressions and get it into your mouth. I loved that one!

We got together with Brent's parents and Anetta and Than's family for a new Years party. We did Ashtyn's Christmas wii game, Just Dance, ate a lot of food and and played some Minute to Win it games. We had a great time ringing in the new year together!

Snow in Safford

Yes I know that it isn't very visible but it did snow in Safford on New Years eve. The kids loved it and I have to say I did too. It gets way too warm here for a really long time in the summer! I love to bundle up in something big and comfy and just hang out listening to the kids laughing and playing.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Today I went into the dentist and had my veneers worked on. All four front teeth are veneers. I had them done a while back and one front tooth started leaking and then two others. Meaning they were turning black inside the tooth and long the gum line. Some how the teeth were getting fluid in them. I also had one tooth that wasn't quite what we wanted it to look like so in order to make the tooth look more larger he had to cauterize the gums. Since you can't really make a tooth look longer without going up. Last time we did go longer down to the bottom of the tooth and then just filed some off of the lower tooth. Don't let the teeth scare you these teeth are just temporary until my next ones are done in about two weeks. I just thought the gums were worthy of a picture. OUCH!