Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time to Make the Doughnuts

When my parents came to visit I asked my mom to bring up some of her recipe books. She brought up one of my grandmothers. The book was full of yummy recipes. I found this doughnut recipe from my great grandmother. They were super YUMMY! One recipe I came across called for one hen. I thought that was pretty neat!

Working at the Temple

Wes was privileged to get to go and help people with the booties at the temple. I am very proud of Weston he had to miss open gym for the third time in a row. I knew when I saw him when he got home he had a good time. He can always go to open gym but this I hope he will always remember.

The garden is flourishing

Ashtyn was smart and brought out the umbrella

The garden is flourishing and so are the weeds. We all pitched in and got most of the garden weeded. It was fun having everyone outside and working together and talking. The conversation I will always remember is about ladybugs. Ask me and I will tell you all about it. Quite funny but not something I should post.

Violin Concert in the Park

Ashtyn in doing great with her violin. She had a concert last week at the duck ponds. A little info on Ashtyn, she hates that everyone has those fun fancy violins, see the green ones and blue ones. She hates that she has to take my old one. The case is so old and she had to tie a ribbon on it for a handle. Her teacher loves the violin itself and says it is a great instrument. I think she will live.

The Little Yellow Bird

Trett went to get into the car for school and said he heard this tweet tweet.... He turned around to find this bird in the car. We had a hard time getting him out.

Never Fear We Made it Friday Night!

Yes we tried again Friday night and loved every minute of it! There is nothing sweeter then holding your girl's hands in the bridal room. Looking at all of my family as they stand in the celestial room then Brent topped it all off with a big family hug. I so hope that my family will once again all be together in the celestial room.

Monday Night

The kids have been wanting to go back and tour the temple. Knowing I would never be given this opportunity again I knew we had to go again. I thought there could be no better night then Monday for family night. Nothing had to be done, the kids were eager to get dressed, and not one single argument happened. Surely Satan knew we were going to the temple. Why wasn't he nit picking on all of us? As we were about to approach the temple the kids were singing and laughing and together. I was also hoping that not everyone had the same idea and that it would not be too packed. When we arrived at the temple it dawned on me everyone one else was having family night and not at the temple. Everyone that is also including those that would be there to help with the tour of the temple. It closes early on Monday's for family night. So we walked around the grounds and enjoyed the architecture from outside.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fathers and Sons

When the boys go away OH how the girls will play!
Dinner out with LOTS of Laughs!
Walking downtown to a yummy old fashion ice cream parlor for some CHOCOLATE, Ella's request, gotta LOVE her for that!

Dancing to some old time guitar music. Then we were off to shop at a fun clothing boutique.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Maki'n Mud Pies

I saw this fun Little Tikes toy and knew Ella would love it. I asked my mom and sisters if they wanted to go in on it together for Ella's birthday. It mixes and also has real working water and is a lot of fun!
Hours are spent outside. Lots of innocent ants and other bugs were stirred into ant pie. Lots and lots of fun!
Maybe too much fun
I think Ella needs to clean her kitchen
And her kitchen table. Wow! This took a lot of time and the hose on high to clean the porch off. I would have to say though my idea of wanting a drain, outside furniture and a high pressure hose in my house sure did seem like a good idea! If only I could break out the hose in the house and spray it all down!

I made these for teacher appreciation week. At first I thought I would give them something small every day of the week with a cute saying. Then I realized I was very tired. So I just gave them it all at once with a note that read, it's a real treat to have you for a teacher.
The Dutton's came to see the temple and to visit us. Look at those cuties! Wow they are growing up!

Kindergarten Registration

Wyatt registered for kindergarten. One of his friends in preschool got his kindergarten shots already so Wyatt seems eager to get his. He reminds me all the time. They let him pick a free book and lots of stickers.

Ella turns four and Wyatt registers for kindergarten all in one week! What's next?

Ella Turns 4

I loved to ask Ella how old she was when she was three. She would hold up these three fingers every time. I had to ask her to show me one more time. Such a cute personality! I can't believe my baby is four.
She chose french toast for her birthday dinner.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pinkalicious polka dot party

Ella has wanted to have a pinkalicious party for some time. She invited a few friends and they all wore pink. They played outside, made candy necklaces, princess butterfly wands, and ate pink cupcakes with pink icing and pink sprinkles. Ashtyn and I had fun making the cute pink pom poms that we hung from the light. I made pink polka dot baskets and filled them with lip gloss rings, pink pencils, jewels and these cute little notebook pursed I made. So she had a ball and it was fun to be surrounded by so many pink princesses. I think Wyatt enjoyed being my helper too!
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