Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clonts's Cabin

We got invited to go to a friends cabin. Another friend and I drove up the mountain together with our kids. They relaxed together played games and ate a lot of yummy food. Then we went for a hike to a waterfall. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was nice and cool.

Hiking to the waterfall

Boys will be boys

Weston and his friend love to be ...well lets just say BOYS! They are the cutest young men. They made it to the waterfall well ahead of us. They had fun toying with us by pretending to fall off the cliff. They are really a LOT of FUN! And Wonderful Young Men!


We also went swinging. This swing is was FUN! Look at the look on my face, pure bliss. I think I could stay on that swing for hours. Thanks Emily we had a BLAST!

Lemonade anyone?

Yes it's that time again. Time to break out the lemonade stand. I love the look on Trett's face. They made six dollars and on a street with no through traffic. Sweet fun!
Ashtyn got a super cute hair cut. Ashtyn has a great fashion sense. She loves to do hair and make up and does a great job.
Anetta and Than had their 6th baby last week. Taylor Lea she is such a sweetie!

Fathers Day

Brent was invited to go to San Carlos to go fishing with a friend. He thought it would be fun to invite his dad to go. They took Weston and Trett. They fished all night and then into the morning. Then they jumped right in the lake and went for a swim. The had a GOOD TIME! We have the best dad ever! Happy Fathers Day Brent!

Catching Bugs

These cuties went and found tennis shoes for each other. One even had to borrow some. I was wondering what it was they were gearing up for.
Catching bugs. I later learned they were in hunt for scorpions. At least they were dressed for the event.


While we were up camping we went to catwalk. It was a LOT of FUN! All winter I have been talking about going! The hike was GREAT. The cool water was really cold and very refreshing! I loved every minute of it and the kids had a BALL.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Grandpa took the kids on a hike. He said he had primary on the hike and tried to talk about staying on the path. Some of the kids wanted to go a different way off the path because they thought they were lost. Grandpa reassured them that they needed to stay on the path and they would make it back to camp.
Ashtyn and Uncle Kurt just hanging out. Nice camp chairs!
Playing the "Wiltbank Game" as Pierce would call it. Aunt Tonya made us our own memory game with our families pictures on it. The kids love it!
Brent's family camps a lot. I love to go, the kids love to go and it is a great time for everyone to be together. The getting there and the cleaning up well that is a whole different story! On our way we came across this big nasty snake. Brent had us all get out and take a good look at him. Of course the kids LOVED it. Something about snakes makes me a bit nervous.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Temple Cultural Celebration

I was privileged to get to go and help the youth practice for the performance they worked on for the prophet. So I also got to go and see Weston practice and have a great time with all of the youth in our stake. I even got to take him home afterwards and listen to to him tell me about how he felt about getting to have such an awesome opportunity. The night the youth preformed for the prophet was such a neat experience. I will never forget it and know that Wes will always remember it. He said that the prophet was shaking hands and then made the a comment to his security that he was ready to leave and that was enough. Wes said the prophet looked at him and Weston asked if he could shake his hand. The prophet said yes and Wes said before he knew it more kids came up behind him and crowded in and he never got to shake his hand. I told him well you did speak to him and he did speak to you. The spirit was VERY strong and I know it was a great testimony builder for everyone there.

Wyatt graduates from preschool

Wyatt is officially graduated from preschool. He graduated on May 19th. His super fun teacher was Mrs. Norton.