Sunday, September 28, 2008

This girl cracks me up!

Ella LOVES PINK! She also has mind all her own. When she wakes up and gets dressed, all by herself, she has two things she looks for. Every outfit has to have pink and pockets. Thanks to Aunt Allison we have many pink outfits. The pocket are very handy to hold her lipstick. She also loves to carry a purse. This outfit was so cute I couldn't resist. My favorite part of the outfit was the shoes and socks. I love to watch her with the other two younger boys. If I ask them to get dressed or shoes on and they start to whine she runs and gets them and even helps them get them on. Does she know she will be doing this for the rest of her life? I often ask her why her and Ashtyn didn't switch places. She should have come first she is so independent. Ashtyn loves to be loved and have a lot of attention. I tell her it is real hard to have you for the baby of the family. I need someone to baby and she won't let me.
Another cute little thing about Ella. Last week in nursery she came home mad. In her simple words she explained that another girl had taken away the baby bottle she was playing with. I explained we have to share and asked if there was another bottle she could have used. She said, "one" so I figured there was just one. So we went to Wal Mart and bought a few for the nursery. Big mistake on my part. I never should have showed them to her. So when we take them to nursery I explained she had to share these bottles with her friends. She seemed to be on board. That was until after church I saw she was MAD! I asked her what was wrong she scowled and said MY BABBA! Isn't two TOO young for drama?

Priesthood in our family

We are so blessed to have so much love and support from our family. We get to witness this often because our families are so supportive. Family traveled to Safford to come to sustain Weston and be there as he received the Aaronic Priesthood. I loved watching all the men circle around him. He also got his big 13 candy bar for reciting all 13 articles of faith, got his Faith in God certificate and Ashtyn gave a talk and everyone was there to see that all happen! Thank you to all of you that came and to those that called we LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

Weston and Bishop Reidhead

Weston getting ready for his interview with the bishop

Well here I am 33 years old and I now have a 12 year old. Tweleve? Could it be? Yes I am now entering into this new chapter of life and very unsure of my surroundings. I do not have any babies in diapers. My son now holds the priesthood. Time is flying so quickly. This new territory I am entering is somewhat sad and yet very exciting!

Weston turns 12!

I just loved this picture I got of Weston's birthday. For his birthday we got him a box of money. His little brother Trett thought this was THE BEST GIFT EVER! If any of you know Trett he loves money. Trett is the one in the picture with his mouth open. He loves money but loves to give it away just as much as getting it. He usually pays it to tithing every week even if he doesn't owe tithing. So today when he came to me he said, "Mom I have five dollars but I don't want o pay it all I just want to pay a dollar." So he got change and paid it to the humanitarian aid. Every Sunday he does this but decides on a different area to donate to. The neat thing is Trett always has money and seems distressed that he still has money. Not bad for a five year old.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weston's paintball party

Weston Is turning tweleve on the twenty third. For his birthday he wanted to have a paintball party. They had so much fun! I loved watching them. Afterwards we had hot dogs and twinkies. So easy and he had so much FUN!


It is moments like this I wish I could have forever. I love the blessings of being a mother. My kids truely are a GREAT BLESSING. I am going to miss having tiny little ones around. I wish that I could always walk in my room to find this sweet picture. I will miss so much good and trying times while they are so little.

Time at the fair grounds

Like many of you I am a soccer mom. This year we only have two in soccer. Luckily our practices are at the fair grounds or the park. The fair grounds has playground equipment and duck ponds. So the other kids have much to do while they are waiting. One day while Ashtyn was practicing the kids and I went to feed the ducks and watch Weston roller blade. The picture of Weston blading down the bridge wasn't something I thought would be a good idea. Then when I wasn't paying attention he took Ella in his arms and went down. BOYS! The kids had fun feeding the ducks and being together. I really need to get some pictures of Ashtyn too.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Ashtyn has been helping me try to get going on this blog. When I was finished posting some pictures we realized there wasn't much of her. So here she is playing soccer. Her team is called the Stikers and are such a fun girl color, GREY. The coach tried to come up with some silver, sparkly hair bows but didn't find much. Any ideas?

The other picture is of her on the zip line at the reunion. The zip line is tied to a high tree up on the mountain an then to a lower tree at the bottom. The kids love it. So here is my cute red head Ashtyn.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

C is for COOKIE

Okay I have a confession. I am a cookie addict. I am addicted to warm homemade cookies. I realized this was a problem years ago. Of course we all bake cookies now and again but my obsession is BIGGER then that. I bake at least once a week. And I am usually the only one who eats a couple dozen. I have taken Chips a'hoy chocolate chip cookies and homemade cookies on trips and the store bought one are gone in a flash leaving me to have to eat the homemade ones all by myself. The kids even ask me if I will buy cookies for thier lunch. Well something big happened this week. Trett's kindergarten class was working on the letter C and he was suppose to bring something that started with the letter C. We talked about a few words and the word cookie came up. He liked that idea and I thought for sure I would be running to the store to buy him some. Then the greatest thing happened he asked me if I would bake him some COOKIES! Will I bake him some cookies??
I would LOVE to!

LOTS and LOTS of Tadpoles

Along with all the rain came a swamp in my back yard. The kids love the mud and LOTS and LOTS of TADPOLES. The tadpoles are about marble size. The kids have gathered many of them and put them in buckets. I am not sure what they plan to do with them. Last year I can remember when they had a few six gallon buckets full of them. Gotta LOVE that smell.