Friday, October 5, 2012

Weston Gets His Driver's Licence

September 27th Weston and I met Markie at the MVD and he got his driver's licence.  He had to take a driving test so he asked Markie if he could drive her car.  Our suburban was in the shop getting fixed.  Brent's truck was off hunting with Brent and he didn't feel comfortable enough to drive the old Ford.

 After the driving test he was told perfectly!  Way to go Weston!

Weston turns 16!!!

I love these pictures!  I don't get a lot of Weston and Ashtyn together anymore.  When they were little they hung out together all the time.  I also love it because we are just having a good time!
For Weston's birthday breakfast he wanted biscuits and gravy.

 He opened gifts,  recieved a lot of money. We got him new woofers and speakers.
 His birthday was on Sunday so for his Sunday School class I made these white cupcakes with strawberry filling and cheesecake mouse topped with strawberry sauce and strawberries.
That night the Aunts, Uncles and cousins came and brought more gifts aka money and we had more cheesecake, brownies and ice cream.  I can't believe my baby is 16!

Bulldog Football

Weston was asked to play on the Varsity team.  He does a super job!  He is #81 and plays defensuve end,full back and Tight end on JV.

 The Bulldogs welcome the little legue football players on the feild. 

 Wes played on the JV team against Thatcher it was a GREAT game.  Both teams played very well.  Weston caught the ball and ran with it.  Made some great hits and got a lot of playing time!  Oh and did I mention they won!!!

Cheer Camp

Ella went to cheer camp for the day!  She was very excited because she had to miss the one in the summer because I was at girls camp.  Then all the girls that went to cheer camp got to perform with the cheer leaders at a varsity football game.  It was fun to see Ella cheering for her big brother Weston.  Go Bulldogs!

Wiltbank Family Olympics

This year for the Bill Wiltbank reunion Anetta came up with the fun idea to do Olymics.  It was very fitting because it was the Olymics and all over the TV.  We had some fun events. 

 BB Gun target shooting

 Gunny sack races

 The stick pull

 Foot races and there was even a cheryy spitting contest

Medals were handed out and we had a great time!

Labor Day 2012 Bill Wiltbank Reunion

For Labor Day we usually go camping.  This year Grandma Marion, Grandpa Bill, Richard and Anna came to Safford.  They rented a local pool and the kids had a blast playing.  We also brought yummy food and emjoyed each others company. 


 Cydnee, Anna and Ashtyn

 Ella and Page
 Weston and Trett
 Grant, Wes and Wyatt
 Silly Grandpa.  This bike was the lifeguards bike.  Papa just couldn't resist going for a ride.  (when Trett and Brent saw this picture, after I posted it they sure did laugh at  the picture of Grant....lets just say they thought he has quite the stream going ;)

 Grant, Joe, Clark, Mason, Weston, Trett, Hayden, Pierce and Wyatt


 Weston came home from football practice and found this Balloon for him from someone at school.  It was a fun way for him to be asked to Frolic.  Frolic is girl ask guy and is formal.  The funny thing is Wes wasn't even 16 and Frolic isn't until the end of November.  From what I understand all the girls ask early to make sure they get the date they want.  Weston agreed and will be going to Frolic with Johna Johnson.