Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ella loves to draw. I loved this one she drew. She came and showed me her "SUN" flowers!

The other day when I went to pick up Ella from preschool the floor was full of red, orange and yellow construction paper. When I had asked her about preschool she told me that not this day or the day next day but the one after that was fall. Then she said all the leaves on the tree will turn all different colors, even pink. Then all the leaves will fall off. Because that day is fall. I tried to explain that it wouldn't happen in one day. And that unfortunately our leaves here don't turn all those pretty colors. She was just sure I was wrong and that not this day or the next day but the one after that this marvelous event was going to happen. She woke up on that day and she came into me and declared it was fall! Nothing happened like I think she thought it should. But she hasn't said much more about it.

Weston's Birthday Party

Every time I tried to take a picture these guys would do this so their team was in the picture more.

Reading his sign from his "sisters" from Thatcher
Weston had a great birthday! They played against Thatcher a big rival team. Early in the game Thatcher fumbled the ball and Weston picked it up and started running for a touchdown. He made it a ways down the field and then was tackled. Wow I thought a lineman hardly ever is given that opportunity. There was three minutes in the game and Safford was winning. Weston had invited a few friends for pizza after the game so I decided I had better go and get a few ordered early. By the time I loaded a few kiddos there was two minutes left. What could I possibly miss in two minutes? Apparently A LOT!
After I left the coach put Weston in as running-back . Coach knew it was his birthday. The quarterback gave him the ball and he ran right up the middle plowing 2 guys as he did it the second time he fumbled it and Thatcher recovered the ball! What?!? So Thatcher had the ball then they threw an interseption to Seth Lowery WHOOOOOOO YEAH!!!! They put Weston back in as running-back. The quarterback hands off the ball to Weston and he runs 30 yards(Brent said he has never seen Weston run so fast!) TOUCHDOWN!!!! Safford scores! The team drenches Weston with the big water cooler! Then Weston's friends, girls, ran out with a big shinny, glittery birthday card that they all signed and wrote very nice things on the sign. I can't believe that I missed that!
Then Weston and a few friends came and ate pizza. They had a good time! The Thatcher quarterback came along with some of the Safford players. Fun to see them as friends after a game and with different jerseys on. Later we went home and opened gifts. Happy Day!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday Weston!

Weston we love you very much and are LUCKY to have you in our family! Happy Birthday! I can hardly believe that Weston is 14! Wow 14!?! That seem odd to say, I have a 14 year old. Just typing it makes me think, do I have that right, 14?
Fourteen great things about Weston
1. big blue eyes
2. sense of humor
3. determination
4. leader
5. smart
6. trustworthy
7. handsome
8. Someone I can lean on when dad isn't around
9. respect for others
10. great at sports
11. helpful
12. lifts up others
13. loves my cooking
14. friend

And this also a picture of Wes after he got his braces off! Such a cutie! Love you Weston Happy Day!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

We LOVE to catch the strep bug. Or maybe the strep bug LOVES us. We get strep soooo often. One time this summer when I went into the doctor and he told me we had strep I started to cry. I am not a crier but at that point I just lost it and the tears began to pour. Then I went on this kick of lets boost these immune systems SO much it will be rare to get strep for us. So I went into veggie, greens, vitamin over load. Yes and it is routine for me to say every time we enter into the house wash your hands, don't use the drinking fountain, cough into your arm not your hand, drink plenty of fluids (but use only the water bottle that has your name on it). I am that soccer mom with 7 water bottles at the game and no one is allowed to drink out of someone else' s bottle. I know that maybe it is over load and some say that maybe it is because I stress to much and try to keep things too controlled. No because it happens no matter what I do or don't do. So here I am at home with all five kids with strep. And how I love them but it is really no fun to have a house full of five sick, cranky, irritable kids. Right now I think they may kill each other. Yes many will say take out their tonsils but yet I have been told that does not keep you from getting it. Yes I know all about someone in our house is a carrier or someone we know is and yes we have all been treated this time. I LOATH strep.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wiltbank Family Reunion

Catching crawdads

Air soft wars, exploring and crawdad fishing
Wyatt and Grandma Marion playing a game of war. I think Wyatt won some chocolate
Brent took the kids to a secret spot to catch crawdads. They came back with some whoppers. It sure is nice to have a dad that use to craw dad fish at this same spot when he was younger.
Ashtyn and her friend caught this snake. Her friend was even bitten twice by the snake. My boys were a bit nervous but loved getting to hold it.
Wyatt found this tiger caterpillar. It was really pretty.

We always have a good time at the Wiltbank reunion. This year we only got to go for the day. We got there in time for breakfast and stayed until late that night. The kids played hard all day. They got to hang out with cousins and Grandma and Papa and have a really good time. Trett always gets to go on a hike with Papa whenever we go camping. It is fun to see them together they look a lot alike. Becky and Jonna or should I say Joanna we had a good time visiting with you and getting to know your cute kids. Can't wait to see your pictures on your blog!:)

Bulldog Football

Football has started and Weston is loving it. He got his dad's number, 72. They played their first game in Wilcox and won.

Air Soft Wars

The boys have kept themselves busy playing air soft wars. What is a mom to do with three boys.


Our summer is usually spent at the pool. This year we didn't go a lot. So on the last week before school started we went with Than and his boys down to the pool. We had a lot of fun!
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