Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wes Turns 13

Wes had asked for cash once again for his birthday. Brent thought it would be a good idea to get all ones and put them in his scriptures on different pages. When we got together for scriptures in the morning he opened them up to where we are and found ten bucks. He was excited then he realized his scriptures were full of money. I told him, I told you reading your scriptures would pay off. The kids loved the idea.

Wes invited over about 11 boys to hang out with him at our house. All day I worried if I had enough food and enough for them to do. They stayed outside most of the night and played on the basketball court. Mostly the night was full of football. They watched Nacho Libre for the few minutes it took them to eat. Lots of fun cute boys. I hope they always feel welcome in our home.

80's Day

It was homecoming week and the all the schools join in on the fun. As Ashtyn was asking about the 80's I thought it was some what weird. I tried to show her how to curl her bangs in the triangle she gave herself a side ponytail and I helped her roll her pants and sleeves. I have a teenager and know about the 80's!?!?!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gila Valley Temple

Brent called me this morning to let me know that the Angel Moroni was going to be put on the temple. Ella and I made it by just in time to watch it happen.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pears, pears and more pears

I am so excited I am done with 90 lbs of pears. I got 49 quarts. Looking at the picture it seems like I must have gotten more tired at the end and put less pears in the jars. Too funny.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have to say that I have had a great day. Brent is busy hunting and Wes had his first away game in Silver City. I decided not to drive 4 kids alone 2 1/2 hours away and drive back home really late and then get them up in the morning for school. Knowing that Wes would be in about 10:30 tonight I gave him my cell phone to call me as soon as he got to Safford. Yes we plan to deprive our children of cell phones as long as possible. He was so cute today. He called me as soon as they got on the bus to tell me he was leaving. And just now he called to tell me they called off half of the game due to weather and he was on his way home. I never instructed him to call he just did. He talked to me about his dinner he had and about the game. Yes these are the moments that I know that I am really loved by my kids. There are some days I question it. His phone calls have made my day. Such a sweetie!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Wednesdays........ they are just crazy days. I feel like I don't stop running. Of course the mornings are hectic. Scriptures,getting the kids dressed, making beds and lunches, doing the dishes and some how getting myself dressed. I drive Wes to school then I take the other kids to school a half an hour later. Then I do any shopping or errands ran. I came home made up some food for Brent to take on his hunt. Then Wyatt, Ella and I went to a birthday party at the park. The kids got of school early today, luckily a friend of mine at the party was going to the middle school and she picked up Wes. Then after the party I took Wes, Ella and Wyatt home switched the laundry and threw the clean laundry on the bed. Left to pick up Ashtyn and Trett. Took Trett to find some new glasses. Came back home switched the laundry again and threw the new load on the bed with the other load. Made up some more food for Brent to take. Did homework with Trett and colored a picture with Wyatt. Realized I needed to have the whites washed so Brent could have clean undies for the hunt. Switched the laundry again. Looked at the clock and thought I will turn on the oven and give it ten min to warm up. I think I will lay down for those ten min. lay down and start to relax when I feel a little nose next to mine with a sweet little voice saying will you make me a peanut butter sandwich. Yes in just a min just give me a few minutes. A few moments later I smell a banana under my nose with the same sweet voice, can you peel this for me. Then another little voice I'm hungry too can I have a cinnamon roll or are you giving those to someone? I realize I must peel myself off the couch. Make lunch and cook the cinnamon rolls. Brent comes home and I help him get a few things together before he leaves. Potty the kids and get Trett and Wes to get things on and together for practice. Fill water bottles and head off to football practice. Drop off Weston then head to Trett's practice drop him off ( we usually divide and conquer but with Brent gone I was on my own. Normally one of us stays with Trett). Left Trett and went and got Ashtyn from an achievement day activity. Drove her to piano in Thatcher. Usually we have soccer in Thatcher then she goes to piano afterwards. Left her at piano and went back to Safford and to pick up Trett. Watched Trett finish practice and headed back to pick up Ashtyn in Thatcher at piano. Got home vacumed the suburban and helped Ashtyn with homework. Loaded everyone up once again and picked up Wes from football practice. He took a quick shower and then we were off again to mutual. I asked him to find a ride home. Dinner, dishes hugs and kisses. I am tired and am very grateful for Brent's help when he is here. When do I fold the laundry, spend quality time with the kids, clean up my camping mess and my house, work on the food storage and all of the other stuff we are suppose to do? I am going to push all the laundry off the bed and climb in. I'll take it one day at a time.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wiltbank Family Reunion

Ashtyn and Anna drenched after playing the creek
Papa took Trett, Hayden and Mason on a hike. the boys found rocks crystals. They went around to everyone camping and sold their new found crystals. They made over ten dollars.

When Grandpa got back he and Grandma took the girls on the same hike.

The Wiltbank reunion has been at the Head of the Ditch in Luna New Mexico since Brent and I started dating in high school. They have had the reunion other places, but for the last 17 years or more it has been in New Mexico. I have no idea how long they have had the Wiltbank reunion but I know it has been going on for a really long time. It is really fun to meet new family and get to see others we haven't seen in a while. I love this little part of the mountains. I could sit and watch the kids swim and fish for hours here. There is always rain and it makes everything so green. There is also a lot of fun places to hike. Brent and I usually sneak off and go for a nice, quiet hike. This year we got up there a few days late and tried to squeeze in as much as we could.

I never get to see the boys unless they need bait or a new homemade fishing pole or if they are hungry because they are always busy playing together. They catch crawdads, play in forts and just make up their own adventures. I love to see them just enjoying each other and life. They play hard and have a real god time together. They are so cute!

Ella caught her first crawdad. She was so excited! Thanks Anna for the help

Brent brought his harmonica and played us a few made up tunes.

Wes and his cousins put a hot dog in this trap and leave it over night. When they come back and check on it they always have a big meal. No one ate any this year.

Ashtyn, Anna and Lacie

Clark and Ella are still good friends and so fun together. We sure do have cute kids.

I think I had the cutest UNO players to play with. Mason won at both games.

Grandma Marion always has hot cocoa in the morning. YUMMY!

Horse shoes

More crawdad fishing and it is getting late

Ella cooling off in the creek.

I didn't see Wes much. Just when he was driving past me or eating at our camp. I stole the one of him on the camp chair just before we left. I wasn't sure I had any of him.

Grandma Elda comes with Marion and Bill. She told me she was grateful she gets to come. She really enjoys coming. She said at her age you never know what next year brings so she really enjoys getting to be there.

Weston's First Game

The Bulldogs played Demming. They won!! It was really fun to watch Wes play football. I know Brent really enjoyed it. He is number 70 and the dark blue team, the super cute guy looking at the camera. He said he loved it!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bulldog Football

Brent could hardly wait to get Weston all dressed up in his football pads. It cracked me up to see Brent getting all excited helping put stuff on and giving him a few pointers. Wes even got Brent's old number. This is just his uniform for practice. His real uniform he is number 70. His first game is Saturday.

So it begins........

Posted by PicasaBrent and I have been driving a lot and living in the car. Three kids are in soccer. Weston is in football and not to mention one in middle, two in elementary and one in preschool. Nothing starts or ends at the same time. We also thought it would be fun to continue our piano, violin lessons, YM, and ortho appointments just to mention a few. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Okay, maybe just a quiet weekend with everyone home.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 34th Birthday Brent!
Brent just turned 34 on Saturday. I surprised him with a harmonica. Yes you read that right a harmonica. He has always said he would love to learn to play one. I am not too sure he really likes it or not. Happy Birthday babe I love you and am very blessed to have you in my life!

Trett is not too wiling to wear his new rec specs. I think he looks really cool and I think they might help keep the sun out of his eyes at soccer games.
Ella decided to wear her glasses in support of Trett.

The night before Trett's surgery we went to dinner and swam in the motel pool. He thought it was great to get his own pizza, swim with just mom and dad and get to watch TV on a flat screen TV in his "own" bed.

Trett after his surgery. They put a big check mark over his left eye.
After visiting three different doctors about Trett's right eye a Dr by the name of Mark Wlash put Trett under anaesthesia and examined his eyes more closely. He did not think that the retina had detached from a fall or trauma to the head because he really hadn't had trauma to the head besides your normal horse playing. He told us he is sure that he has Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy better known as FEVR. It is hereditary and can spread to his good eye, the left eye. He said if he saw anything while Trett was out he would laser it to stop it from diminishing the sight in the left eye. In the right eye Trett lost his vision slowly over time. He now will have to go every 4 months to be be put under anaesthesia and checked for any growth in the left eye and if anything is found it will be taken care of with a laser. Because the disease is hereditary all of our other children will be checked also. He has done very well with all this new found attention. The only thing that has been hard is wearing the glasses. We have been told that he needs to wear glasses. Not for him to see better for simply for protection of his god eye. Most kids are a bit more willing to wear glasses because when they put them on they see better. With Trett he only feels that others are going to say something and in some ways it hinders his sight. Now that I am more aware of the fact that he cannot see in one eye I am also more aware of the things that he has a hard time seeing. When we were in the pool swimming I sat on the side and he was at the front of the pool. He kept asking Brent where I was. I was on his right side. Before I probably would have joked with him and told him he was being silly. Things that never bothered us much before now are a bit exaggerated. When all the kids were at church drawing pictures in sacrament meeting with sharpened pencils I cringed and watch every move. Then when it was over Brent came down from the stand and said he had a hard time watching all the sharp pencils in motion. I also jump now when anyone is hurt and seem to overreact. I am sure with time this will fade some. Brent and I are both exhausted and emotionally drained. We hate the idea of not being able to fix all for this for Trett and making things better for him. As a parent we want so badly to take it all away and carry it ourselves so not being able to do this is frustrating. We will always be here for him and will continue to help him and support him. When we first found out about all of this I told Brent we can never let him use this as a reason not to try something or do something. Trett is fine and growing and thriving. He is such a sweetie and I know he will always succeed with everything he sets out to do.