Monday, February 23, 2009

Save the fruit tree!

One of our fruit trees tries to bloom early every year. It is still a pretty young tree but would produce some fruit for us. I love to see the beautiful blossoms but know that the tree will never survive the frost. I know this picture is pretty funny. At first Brent said he had heard to put Christmas light in the tree to keep it from freezing. I bought new lights this year and didn't want to get them out of the box so this is about all we had. Also it was hard to string the lights without damaging the blossoms. Then we tried sheets. I know the neighbors were having a ball watching us try to swing the sheets over the tree because Soon after we started I smelt cigarette smoke. I can just picture them laughing and having a good time at our tree saving. It really was funny. Guess you had to be there.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ella's first night away from home

Brent and I are going to our stake temple day tomorrow. When it happens to be the stake temple day it is harder to find someone to take the kids because everyone is also looking for somewhere to send the kids for the day. I also try not to send them all to the same house. And being Presidents day other friends are going out of town. Anetta invited Ella to go with them to Than's parents house. I already have a hard leaving them all day, now I was suppose to let my baby go overnight with someone? I know she is in very good hands with Anetta but just the thought of her so little and me not being there for her for so long bugs me! I asked Ella what she thought and she was thrilled! She was dancing around the house and talking a mile a minute. Having her so excited helped me. I know she will have a great time. Who wouldn't have fun with Ella around and those cute Ashby boys!

Ground breaking ceremony for the new temple

The temple ground breaking ceremony was February 14, 2009. We woke up early for a Saturday morning. We loaded our chairs, a few blankets, and our excitement. It was a beautiful crisp morning. We left the house around 7:30 am. We set up chairs and snuggled together. The spirit was so wonderful there. Everything seemed so calm mixed with excitement. Being a bit chilly was fun and then as the morning went on to enjoy such a wonderful blessing of the sun. Little things seemed to be such a blessing. As I looked out at ll the saint gathered together, small babies, the elderly and families, I couldn't help but think of Christ coming again. I wondered if this was what it may be like. Everyone gathered together with such happiness for what was about to happen. Braving the chilly morning and gathering all together to witness such a sweet blessing. I am so grateful my family was able to be there and enjoy the spirit that was there.

Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentines Day. The big soft sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles. I got to help Trett's class with the Valentines party. I was so excited. For some reason Trett's teacher isn't big on parent helpers, I think this is odd especially for Kindergarten. I have been trying to get my foot in the door all year. There is another friend of mine that works at the school and keeps an eye on him for me. His teacher had to go out of town so a few moms and I got together and planned a Valentines party. We had a lot of fun! I even heard some of the kids say it was the best party ever!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We got snow in Safford!

It is rare but we did get SNOW!
Brent you were right and you win. I bet him it wouldn't freeze again this year.
Brent woke me up on his way to work to let me know it had snowed. In the picture from the back yard you can see our poor little fruit tree already blossomed. When Trett woke up I told him there was a surprise for him. I had him peek out our bedroom window. He was so excited! He ran and woke up the other kids. Ashtyn dressed fast and went out back and started building a snowman. Wyatt insisted she use a carrot for the nose and made sure he got her one. After everyone was dressed and ready for school we went out front and built a snowman. We had a good time.

We all built a snowman before school this morning. I am sure that when the kids get home it will all be melted.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Glitter glue anyone? Ella was so proud of her sparkly shirt, she came out of her brothers room laughing and said, "look mommy!"

Last night Ella climbed in bed with Brent and I around 3:00am. She just climbs in the middle and snuggles up. I love to snuggle her most nights. Shortly after she got comfy I heard this crunching noise then the smell of chocolate. I asked her if she was eating M&M's? Yes she replied. I asked her where she got them and she simply replied on my dresser. What is that girl doing in the middle of the night in her room?

Suns Game

Brent got Phoenix Suns tickets from his boss. Anetta, Than and Hayden joined Brent, Ashtyn, Weston and Brent. Than also got tickets from his boss. They got box seats and thought it was the best. The kids got their jersey's signed by Jason Richardson.