Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Christmas Party

We had the family party at our house this year. We ate lots of yummy food, played minute to win it, and did the nativity. The kids also go to build their own sleigh out of candy and then they raced them.
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Snowflakes anyone? Ella made snowflakes and opened up a snowflake store!

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Weston plays Santa

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Weston got to play Santa outside of CMI. He got paid for standing out front of the store dancing and waving customers in to ship their packages.
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Santa Clause!

Ella asked for an American girl doll and boots from the Wear. She was very nervous that she would forget what she wanted. While we stood in line she kept asking if I would help her. Oh how I love the sweet innocence and excitement!

Trett wants a laptop

Wyatt wants an i pod touch

Ashtyn wants skinny jeans and boots

Weston wasn't sure suggested that a soda fountain would be fun. Would love a new phone just got one in Sept finally got a list and wants a i pad

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Decorating the Christmas tree!

This year we didn't have enough time to go and cut down a live tree so we set up our artificial tree. The kids wanted to draw to see who could put the star on the tree and Wyatt was the winner! I have to laugh when I see the picture of Brent and I.
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Thanksgiving 2011

We enjoy getting to go up to Eagar. Thanksgiving was a lot of fun getting to see cousins and aunts, uncles and grandma. The kids played, we went to the movies, made flarp, did a little clean up, and made Christmas crafts. We really had a good time!
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Weston's Elk

Weston shot his first elk. Brent and Weston did a speed hunt over Thanksgiving break.

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Snow Fun!

We love when we visit Eagar and it snows!Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving at Grandma Cheryl's house

We went to Eagar for Thanksgiving. We had a lot of fun hanging out with family we don't get to see too much of.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lots of new posts. If you REALLY want to catch up with the Wiltbanks you only have to click older posts twice.

Young Women in Excellence

I have been put in as young women's president and feel very overwhelmed! We just had our young women in excellence. It was about "Who" Believes and then we discussed testimonies. Each girl displayed their testimony next to their projects and each started with I believe. These super cute owl cupcakes were our desserts. We also gave the girls cute notebooks that each Sunday after the lesson they get a few minutes to write something that happened that week to strengthened their testimony. We will put their typed up testimonies in their testimony journals and then they can take them home at the end of next year and display them for next years Young Women in Excellence.

Drawing names for Christmas

Every year the kids draw each others names for Christmas. A fun family tradition!

Wes gets a new steer

Wes got a new steer. He has a lot of work ahead of him. He doesn't have a name yet.

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Modest is the Hottest!

Our young women had a fashion show. Ashtyn and her beehive class showed how to be modest in everyday clothes.
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Halloween 2011

Ella the witch

Wyatt the vampire

Trett came up with costume and said he was Tron

Ashtyn decided not to dress up this year. Just kidding she was a cute nerd

I bought these fake mustaches at the dollar store. Everyone had a lot of fun playing with them.

Wyatt with his friends Zach and Taydon

Megan Riedhead and Ella

Ashtyn and her friends

We had a great time at the ward trunk or treat!

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Soccer is over!

Ella's team did a great job this year. She is a super athlete. Having three in soccer is crazy but the kids love doing it!
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Trett turns 9!

Trett wanted to have a party at the park with his friends, play football and eat pizza.

And of course all he wanted for his birthday was MONEY!

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