Saturday, April 17, 2010

I LOVE To See The Temple

Today I got to go with my family to the new temple. It was a great experience. The kids all really enjoyed getting to go inside and feel of the sweet spirit. It was beautiful! Brent got an early invitation along with others that helped build the temple. Brent mapped out the where the power lines were to go. It was a very wonderful experience. I am excited to get to go more often.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Extra Extra Read All About It!

Wyatt's dream is to be a paper boy. Every time we see a movie or TV show where there is a boy delivering papers he always says he wishes he could do that. So today he found some old papers and wrapped rubber bands around them and "delivered them to a neighbors house and to our house. Before he threw the papers in the driveway of the neighbors he let him know that he was just pretending. He loved it! SOOO CUTE!
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Time to Plant the garden

I could hardly wait to plant the garden this year. I love this time of year when everything is blooming and I get to plant new flowers. The whole family gets excited over new veggies growing. Now I didn't say eating just seeing them grow . That's okay Brent and I love to eat them.
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Decorating Easter Eggs

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Easter morning

I love those morning faces.
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Easter egg hunting

We went to Kurt and Diana's ranch and had an Easter egg hunt. Grilled burgers and dogs. The kids loved exploring all over. They even had a wishing well. Wyatt came up to me after making his wish. He asked if i knew what he wished for. I told him no and then he said," I wished that I could be nicer." Such a sweetie!
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Backn' Black

I have a dear friend that has cancer. A few of her friends put on this fun event where anyone that wanted to come out and Back up the Black family with support could come and run or walk. They also had a silent auction afterwards all to show support. Weston and Ashtyn ran the 3 miles Wes was one of the first few in and Ashtyn wasn't too far behind. Brent and I opted for the 1 miler. Trett thought we were taking way too long and ran way ahead of us. So much fun!
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Fun in the Sun

I can't believe it is warm enough for the sprinklers!
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The desert in bloom

We have gotten more rain then we have had in a long time. When the Dutton's came and visited they said these beautiful poppies were everywhere. Bill stopped and pick a few to bring to us. I didn't fully understand until I was coming home from Allison's house and The mountains were covered with yellow. You could see large splotches all over it was amazing and so beautiful. Ella wanted to stop and pick some for herself. I still remember one time when my mom and I were driving to Mesa and she was in awe at all the desert flowers. It was such a beautiful sight to see.
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Baby Paizley A.K.A. Baby P

Allison and Trent had their 5th baby. She is the super cutie on the middle of the collage. While the Duttons were down visiting us little Baby P got sick and was put in the hospital. So Tonya, Ella and I packed up ever so quickly and header her way. It was so much fun to watch the kids play together. I miss having her kids close by so I truly enjoyed snuggling them, playing with them and watching them play with Ella. Thank you to my two sweet sisters for blessing me so much! Love ya! And yes Baby P is doing great and is home and doing great!
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The Dutton's came and visited. The kids played and Aunt Tonya entertained with her head stands. Sorry I missed that, good thing I have pictures. We went to see how the temple construction was coming along and went shopping. Lots of fun! Thanks for coming guys!
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Ella can ride her bike without training wheels!

A few weeks ago I ran over Ella's bike and bent up the back tire and broke a training wheel. Brent found an old tire off of a bike we had and put it on the back of her bike. Ashtyn taught her how to ride. It didn't take very long. Now that is all she wants to do. If I can't find her she is outside ridding. The tire that got put on the back is hard to peddle with. She has to peddle twice as hard. Good thing her birthday is in a few weeks!
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Ashtyn turns 11!!

I can hardly believe that Ashtyn is now 11. She had a sleep over birthday party. This was a big deal because we do not let our kids have anyone sleep over or go sleep over at other homes. I thought every girl has to have slumber party. They decorated night shirts, had hamburgers and hot dogs. Brent made yummy homemade root beer. They also roasted marshmallows and made S'mores. We got a few different kinds of candy bars to mix up the S'mores. Ashtyn was afraid that none of the girls would want a fire because they would all smell but everyone was excited. The played kick the can and basketball. Watched a movie, did each others hair and talked to wee hours of the morning. Then in the morning we had pancakes and sausage. Lots of fun! Happy Birthday Ashtyn! We love you!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Gila Valley temple is very near to being done. We are all very excited. Today we had President Mark Herrington and his wife Nona speak to us in sacrament meeting. I really enjoyed both of the talks. Today Nona spoke about the temple and told us to go and prepare our families. Something I knew that I wanted to do but really hadn't gotten a plan into action. We will be able to go to the temple this Saturday. I knew that I really needed to have a family home evening on the temple and cover everything explain to them about the beautiful white hankies they had been given and answer questions. Then I received a phone call about a family birthday party on Monday. I then realized that by the time we got home, did homework, ate dinner, dishes and got to bed early for AIMS testing it never would happen and no one would be in the right frame of mind, because we all know how Satan is. Yes I would agree the bells of hell have been ringing. So I began to prepare supper and I knew that tonight was the night it needed to be done. (All the other nights are already filled up) While I was thinking of what all I wanted to cover I went to my computer and found some info on the Hosanna shout and printed it out. I then had the feeling to put my plan into action right during dinner. Fine I thought I will have their undivided attention. I then went to the grill to find my hamburgers engulfed in flames. I wondered if the house would catch on fire. When I came in to the house for water I realized my children were across the street riding bikes and visiting the neighbor. We try to stay away on Sundays. I asked Ashtyn to go get them because dinner was more then ready. Needless to say it took very long for the kids to come in for dinner. I was getting very frustrated. We served up the hamburgers ans sat down to eat. Brent called on someone to pray and instantly the phone rang. I asked Ella to wait until it stopped ringing and then pray. That phone rang for so long and even longer. Brent said it must be urgent go see who it is. As soon as I got to the phone it stopped. The prayer was said and the kids began to eat. I started with what I wanted to talk about. Trett then realized his hamburger was charcoal and desperately needed another one. We got him settled and then I was once again going to talk about everything I so wanted my children to hear. I moved my plate and grabbed my papers once again. At that instance My very full and large glass of ice water fell over and right into Brent's lap and all over the floor. Brent and I scrambled to the floor to clean it up. When we were down on the floor under the table Brent whispered to me, I love you and try as he might Satan will not win we will beat him. I was amazed at the sweet spirit and understanding he had. I had not spoken to him about what I was trying to accomplish. When I got to the point about how we act in the temple and we discussed being quiet and no fighting ect... We then moved on to something different when Ella spoke up and said, I don't want to go to the temple. I was confused they all seemed so excited to get to go. I asked her why and she quickly responded because I can't be quiet for very long. We did get things covered and questions answered. I loved seeing the excitment in the kids eyes. Wyatt is thrilled to get to go inside the temple. Yes the bells of hell have and do continue to ring. The spirit however will always be stronger and will leave a greater impression. We are very blessed to have this temple here.