Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wes got a hold of my camera

Weton decided to take a few shots with my camera. The kids usually don't even ask to use my camera I just find pictures on the camera when I go back and look at them. These he secretly took I LOVE!

In between the all of the shots of the tree there was this one. His love.

Saturday Project

Brent woke up Saturday morning and said he was going to put recessed lighting in the kitchen. I knew there was going to be a mess. I just didn't realize it would be insulation everywhere. I will not complain I think sheet rock dust is the worst. I swear I am still cleaning it up from months ago. Now we have insulation dust. Luckily all the kids pitched in and helped me get it all cleaned up.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I think I just witnessed quite the moment in the Wiltbank home. Last Friday I picked up some chicken at the store for Brent because he has been itching to use his smoker. We thought for sure we would be having yummy chicken over the weekend. Of course things came up and I finally put the chicken in the freezer. We later realized that Thursday would be the day. I talked to Brent a few times today and he expressed his excitement to be able to be home and sit on the porch and do some grilling every time we talked he was thrilled for this moment. When Brent arrived home Wes asked him if he wanted to go play church ball with him. Brent quickly told him he was grilling tonight. Wow I thought he must really want to grill to put off a game. And this must be some major grilling he has in mind. Then Brent was off to get the fire started. Being in the smoker the chicken takes a lot of time to cook. There was Brent smoke all around him and in the moment. We sat under the porch and watched the kids play. Then we started to eat. One of Wes's friends was over waiting for a ride to the church. A little back ground on the cute red headed friend of Weston's he is from a different ward then ours. Everyone was loving their smoked chicken and corn on the cob (from last years garden!). All I heard was YUM! MMM! Can I have another. Then talk of the game came up. I heard the cute red head say to Brent no one can guard my dad. Wes had finished his dinner and was ready for me to take him to the church. So I said alright lets go. Before I could get those words out Brent said, "oh I'll take them". No kidding in less then three minutes Brent had his shorts on and ball shoes on. Everyone was out the door, except for Ella because I promised her a bath in my tub. One moment no one was going except for Wes and in just a few moments later and a few short words from our cute little red headed friend and then swoosh off they went! Brent is a player don't get me wrong but the last time he played church ball two guys had to bring him home. Is that a little like my dad can beat up your dad? Now I am just left with half eaten drumsticks and corn on the cob. WOW!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Has Spring Sprung?

Our poor little tree seems to think that it has. This tree sure is beautiful but every year she blooms so early. Most years I don't mind but this year I sure have enjoyed a cold chilly night to snuggle up in a warm blanket to read a good book or just snuggle my hubby to watch a little late night TV. Yes I did take the kids out to marvel at the beauty. The bees are just loving it also.
Maybe the poor tree saw us tilling the garden and thought it was time to bloom. Mom the soil looks good this year! I did really enjoy hitting the store and picking out seeds, potatoes and the onions were so sweet smelling. Something about planting the garden is so exciting. If only I were that excited come July and it is blazing HOT and there are WAY too many weeds.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Family Night

Monday night we talked about Christ and the LOVE he showed everyone. Also about the act of love he did for others. Then I gave each child a big heart to put their name on. Then we passed them around to each member of the family and had them write something they LOVE about the other person. When we had gone around the room I then had each child stand up and read what was written on each heart. The kids loved it! Weston's first comment was , "this is just like Christmas!" I was sure to post it up where they could see it everyday to remind them they are loved!

Brent's Valentine

I found this fun idea on a blog, I would love to give credit but I cannot remember the name of the blog, I E mailed lots of fun friends and got ideas for fun dates they have been on. Then I thought of a few that would be something Brent would love to do. Then I got twelve envelopes and labeled one for each month. In each envelope is a date. At the beginning of each month Brent opens the envelope for that month and finds out what the date for that month is. Then it is up to him to use the date whenever he chooses that month. It continues on for twelve months. Also inside of the envelope are things to go along with the date or a gift card. So the date is all paid for and planned out. I would put a few dates on the blog but he reads this blog and I want each month to be a surprise. If you want any ideas just let me know. A fun idea because I get the gift too!
Valentines was fun! Valentine cards were made and delivered. Super soft and yummy sugar cookies with lots of icing and cute sprinkles were decorated and devoured. Pink heart pancakes for breakfast. Ella and Ashtyn looked super cute in their headbands and we even heart attacked Brent's truck.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 11, 2010

After dropping Weston off at school this morning I entered the house to Ashtyn mad because Ella wouldn't let her do her hair. Realizing how much of an advantage this is to have her do her hair I quickly talked Ella into it. Ashtyn did a fun Valentine hair do. Yes Ashtyn loves to do hair. She even looks up new stuff to try on her personal model Ella. I think Ella is growing tired of being her model but I sure do appreciate it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun Valentines headband I made for Ella to wear Sunday

Brent's sweet Grandma Elda passed away. While we were at the funeral Wyatt got a little restless. I gave him a piece of paper and a pencil and hoped that it would entertain him for a while. later he showed me this picture of Grandma Elda. So sweet.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is it February?

I lost IT a long time ago. Last year I did the proj 365 from Becky Higgins. This year I am also doing the Proj Life. The only thing is I was tired of taking pictures and told myself I would wait until February and start up again. I was just going to take the month of January off. I even made these comments to a few people just a few days ago. Now on one hand I realize it is February. We have bought Valentines cards, came up with visiting teaching ideas for Valentines, I have even been doing the LOVE BUG every night for the kids, and last night home evening was centered around LOVE and I made cute Valentines headbands for the girls to wear to church Sunday. Just today I realize that as far as starting Proj Life in February it is FEBRUARY. Huh?
What is wrong with me? Once again I think a big long nap will cure this. Now if only I can remember to take one!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weston was asked by the 8th grade coach to go to state with 8th grade basketball team. He went to practice with them yesterday and fell and hurt his hand. He called me to come and pick him up early because he was really hurting. His dad went with me and told Wes he should just finish practice. You know stick it out be part of the team it isn't swollen it Will be fine you probably just jammed it speech. Well he continued to hurt and I continued to worry. I took him in to the doctor this afternoon and he has a fracture. If he still hurts on Monday they will give him a hard cast. He can no longer go to state with the 8th grade.

Bulldogs Win Championship!

The 7 th grade team did a great job this year. They were undefeated and won the championship!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yeah I did it again!

I came across this super cute dress on Etsy on OHSEWSASSY. She will send you the fabric pre cut and the elastic and even a safety pin along with step by step instructions. It was super easy and super FUN! Not to mention how cute she looks!