Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Selina Gomez

Ella was so excited to let me know that she has Selina Gomez in her class. She knows who Selina Gomez is because her brothers, 8 and 6, are madly in love with her and give no excuses for being in love with her. There just happens to be a girl in Ella's class with the same name. Selina was trying to convince Ella she was THE Selina Gomez from Wizards of Waverly Place. Ella then told her if she were a wizard she should take out her wand and make her some soup. (My first thought was soup? Gee I would ask for something better then soup!) Selina then told her that she didn't have her wand. I then tried to explain that she looked different then the girl on TV. She then said yeah because those guys on TV are much smaller. Yesterday when she came home she said that Selina told her to meet her and she would show her some magic. Poor little Ella is convinced, regardless of what I and others try to tell her, Selina Gomez is in her class. I then told her no more! Be nice to Selina but go and play with your other friends. I think it could get way out of hand! I then explained to Brent what was going on and added a few things I had heard from Wyatt. She then said mom how did you know that? I then stated I am a mom I know everything. She just stared at me. Too funny! If only Selina were really from Wizards of Waverly Place I would have her over for a play date!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day of School

Ella is starting to spread her little wing and fly. My baby has gone to kindergarten! She is very excited and has Mrs. Smallwood for a teacher. Her first morning went well and she will do great!

Waiting in line to go into her classroom

Trett has Ms. Irwin. When I wasn't sure who his teacher was I asked him if she was the really pretty teacher. He smiled, shook his head yes and said I guess!

Wyatt also got a good teacher, Mrs Garcia. She said she has taught for 16 years so she knows exactly what to expect. She loves for parent involvement. Wyatt also has a lot of his friends in his class.

Ashtyn had er first day in middle school. She had a real classy first day of school outfit picked out so I was surprised when she came out in some cute jeans and a T shirt. She was worried about PE. She was a tiny bit nervous but is excited. She is also trying out for volleyball!

Weston is now in High School! WOW! He was calm an cool this morning. He has already started football so I think the first day wasn't too nerve racking because he already knows a lot of the guys.

I can hardly believe that I have all of my kids in school. And my first year of it my oldest goes to high school! Life is crazy a lot around here. I did have a few tears this morning after I left Ella. I called Brent and that is when I had the hardest time. I am unsure of this new chapter in my life. I have started working part time and will be home when the kids are home. I love to be at home, this is a big adjustment. Things are going well. As much as I am apprehensive about all this change and would love to have them all back to babies I do see how much they have grown and it is fun to see what they become.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family Time on the Mountain!!!

Heading up to the mountain. Just what we wanted rain and cool weather!
Saturday we went to Mason's baptism. On the way home Brent said lets head up to the mountain. So we swung into the store on the way home got some food and drinks ran home changed, packed up and we were off. We did call the family and even some friends but no one answered or called back so we were off just as a family. It was such a good relaxing time! It rained and the temperature was about 58 degrees. We really enjoyed being together as a family and we were all glad we went!

Playing cards


My kids even run around in the mountains without shoes!!!

School Lists Posted

Every year the kids ask all summer long if the list is up. This Friday it was posted and the kids get to see who their teacher is. I think this year the kids all got good teachers.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Okay maybe my complaining is making it worse. Today Brent came home from work and said I think the car is done. Then he said, "could you imagine what our life would be like if we were not serving in the church? We have been blessed with so many blessings I don't want to think what it would be like otherwise." I then thought I am glad one of us is in the right frame of mind because that wasn't my first thought. Such a sweetie!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm beginning to wonder if my house is starting to fall apart. Not to be a pessimist but I thought I might list a few things in my home that have decided to break on me all around the same time.

Dishwasher well over a year ago NEED and WANT one SOOO BAD!

Refrigerator since we had to have this more it was bought before the ever so wanted dishwasher


VCR/DVD Player

Washing Machine
And while I was complaining to myself wondering what will break next I happened to be getting some ironing out and well lets just add the ironing board to the list!