Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kindergarten show and tell

What has kindergarten show and tell come to? Last Friday Ella came home with a small brown paper sack and instructions that she would be having show and tell on Monday's and she needed to put her item in the small sack. She chose a small shinny polished blue rock and placed it in her bag. Later we realized that Monday was MLK day and there was no school. I was just excited we remember to put it in her backpack and told her to keep it there until the following Monday and we were going to be prepared. Yeah check that off of the list of things to remember! She came home today and said to me she just wasn't sure about bringing her rock. She then explained to me about all of the other things the kids had brought in. Of course the one over achiever parent also came in and did show in tell with his child. I am certain none of that stuff fit in the small brown bag! Well then Ella asked me if we could just make a blanket. Then she asked me what day it was. I told her it was Tues. Then she replied, "I guess we better get started!."