Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot Water?

I realized I have been gone too much this summer. I went to make bread and couldn't figure out which way my hot water is on my kitchen faucet. Wait..... doesn't hot water usually go the same way on every faucet? Maybe I just need a nap.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brent's fishing trip to Alaska

Posted by PicasaBrent just got back from Alaska. He said he had the time of his life.

Friday, July 17, 2009

On the last day we went and picked wild black berries. Emily's mom owns the orchard on the mountain and had these delicious wild black berries down in a canyon. The kids had a lot of fun picking them and hiking around and playing in the water. We brought enough home to make a little jam. Weston hiked from the cabin to the orchard. I think it was a seven mile hike. We had a lot of fun!
I posted these backwards.....just scroll down and start there.

Emily's sister has a cabin there also. We went to her place to get water and played on her really high swing. The kids loved it and it made me a bit nervous.

My sweet friend, Emily, invited me and the kids to spend a few days on the mountain in their family cabin with her. Not long after we got there we saw this baby bear right in the back of the cabin. Ashtyn said she was just hiking around and then realized she was just feet away from it. We never saw the mamma bear and thought she must be close behind. The neighboring cabin has had a few break ins from the bears.
The cabin has this wonderful view of the Gila Valley right off of the front porch.

The kids had a fun water fight.

Cute fun kids!

The kids had some money left over from the money they saved for our trip to Utah. Ashtyn, Trett, Wyatt and Ella all "pooled" their money together and bought this pool. Weston didn't want to donate any money so if he wants in they charge him to swim, too funny! They love the pool and spend hours in it.

Monday, July 13, 2009


The other afternoon one of the kids came into my room with the ketchup bottle and proceeded to swing it around in a circle over his head and down back down low to the ground to show me how one of his Aunts showed him how to get the ketchup out. Panicked I looked to see if the lid was on. It was. I then explained it wasn't really necessary to do that and not to try it again. Sometimes with my kids it is just best to keep some things out of their smart little minds. Then later that night Brent and I went out on a date. On date night I do something simple for the kids for dinner and this night they had corn dogs. Yes ketchup goes with corn dogs. Everything seemed fine when we got home. Some were asleep on the couch and others watching TV. The next morning I realized there was ketchup across the floor and on the fridge and then on the table and more on the floor. I asked what went on while we were gone. I then again got the same explanation of how to get ketchup to come out easier. I guess when I talk to one of them I really need to talk to all of them.

I have THE SMARTEST kids

Last night I asked my four year old to pick up a few things he had out. He argued with me for a while. Then as I was walking away I heard him say, "stupid!" I went back to him and told him not to call me stupid. He then said, "I wasn't calling you stupid I was reading these cups."
(funny he doesn't know how to read.)

I usually have disposable cups with the kids name on them. Quick thinking on his part. Maybe he was reading his name and realized he was pretty stupid to call his mom stupid. Brent and I had a good laugh and realized what we are in for in the future.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We have had a REALLY busy summer. I have tried to blog a lot of what has happen in the last few weeks. If you really want to see everything you will have to go to older posts. Our poor garden has been neglected. Luckily we have super sweet neighbors that have kept it watered. This is one of many cucumbers that the kids found.

Fourth of July Parade

We had a fun time at the parade!

For the fourth of July fireworks we went to Tonya and Bill's property. We all danced, ate watermelon and popcorn and watched the fireworks. The little ones fell asleep in the back of the truck. Thanks guys we had a lot of fun!

When Brent and I were on the trek Tonya took the kids. (I need to get those pictures from you Tonya) Then when the trek was over I went to Eagar and stayed until the fourth of July. Here are a few pictures of what we did.

Ruger and Weston have been building this tree house for years. It always keeps them busy on those days that they aren't fishing with Grandpa Jerold. Wes says it has 8 floors.

Weston and Ashtyn found these really cool books called encyclopedias. They really got into them. Funny how technology has changed our way of life.

Trett went to work with Papa Bill. He was so excited! He woke up at 6:00 am just so he could be ready before 8:00 am. Every 15 min I got an update about what time it was.

Brent tried dilly beans for the first time last summer and fell in love with them. So when our green beans from the garden were ready we picked them and I took them to Eagar and my mom and I bottled them.

Safford Stake Trek

Our family banner

Family devotional before bed

The men had to carry all the women across the "icy river"

Black powder shooting, we had to shoot for our meat

Brent and I were asked to go on the Safford Stake Trek. It was one of the best expeiences I have had!

Raod Trip to Utah

Fun potty break in Holbrook, Az. Lots of Dinosaurs!
The Grand Canyon

Glen Canyon Dam

Hey we get that hunting magazine! Kanab, Utah Grandpa Jerold's old stomping grounds.

We use to stop here all the time and buy candy. So we stopped an things sure were not what they use to be.

17 hours later and we made it to Ferron Utah! We had a fun Trip!