Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I was over at Brent's sisters house, Diana and she was sewing her daughter a super cute skirt. She was sweet an helped me make one for Ella. Then when I got home I got on Heather Bailey's blog and found instructions on how to make a headband. Then I made the little flowers on the side for a bit of embellishments. Then I used some old buttons for the center. Ella loves it! She calls it her "bootifull skurt."
I love Trett's handwriting. He does such a GREAT job for only being in first grade!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weston makes winning SHOT!

The Bulldogs took on the Rough Riders. The game was neck and neck. The crowd was on their feet the whole game. It was the end of the fourth quarter and the Dogs and Rough Riders were tied. There was 8 seconds on the clock. Coach Osmond, the Bulldog coach, called a time out and set up a press break. The coach tells them to get the ball to Wiltbank. He looks at Weston and tell him, "it all on your shoulders bud!" Weston thinks, "Oh crap!" (not the language I would prefer) His heart is pounding! Time out is over. Kouts passes the ball in to T.O. who passes it to Jayden and Jayden passes it to Weston. He shoots. He SCORES! The crowd goes wild! The Bulldogs WIN!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I love to blog hop and see all the cute ideas that other super cute girls come up with then I try to do it myself. I saw these little cuties on and thought they made fun and inexpensive teacher gifts. I never have done a lot for teachers on Valentines except for donate or help with the Valentines party. When I saw these I thought it was a great idea. It was also time for me to donate some hand sanitizer and what a fun way. I just purchased the hand sanitizer took the labels off the front and back. Next I placed stickers on the front and tied some fun ribbon around the top. We were in need of another soap dispenser for the girls bathroom so I also picked up two soap bottles and had Wyatt and Ella make some for their bathroom. The soap was on sale for 88 cents and I paid under $2.00 for the had sanitizer. Maybe I will have them decorate their soap dispenser for each holiday or season. I will be sending the hand sanitizer with the kids soon so the classroom can have some Valentines decorations before the holiday.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam

Ella has been waiting for this day to come for so long. We were in Eagar last Sunday so she had to wait another week for her to join her class this week and become a SUNBEAM!! She could hardly wait. All week she wanted to know when it was Sunday and why can't it be Sunday. The day finally arrived and she was thrilled. She jumped up as soon as the last speaker said amen in Sacrament meeting. She gave me hug and said bye mom I love you. I of course had to stop her and make her wait a bit more. Before I knew it she was off. Brent and I both peeked in at her. She had a fun time and is now officially a Sunbeam and darn cute!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Morning

Ella got an art desk with lots of art supplies
Weston got Guitar Hero

Ashtyn an MP3 player

Trett a DS. If this seem familiar to last year it is. Last year Ella thought she would do Trett a favor and washed his DS in the bathroom sink. So Trett asked for another one.

Wyatt got a DS

Ella was so impressed that Santa drank all of his milk and ate some of the cookies. I put the cookies on the counter and offered them to someone later that day. They were offended and told me that Santa ate off of those.
Wyatt also got a BB gun. He couldn't grasp the concept of closing one eye so he wore his benie over the one eye he had to close.

A Few Christmas Traditions

Here are a few of our Christmas traditions:
Sleeping under the Christmas tree
Making Santa cookies
Playing games together
Gingerbread houses
Christmas pajamas
Leaving food for the reindeer
Leaving the magic key
Leaving Santa cookies and milk
Christmas dinner
(This year we did waffles buttermilk syrup sausage and strawberries. A little of the beaten path of the ham dinner)
Reading the birth of Christ in the scriptures
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We Had a GREAT Time Playing With the Whole Family!

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WARNING! LOTS of Sledding Pictures

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Snow Angels and Snowball Fights

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Building Snowmen

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