Sunday, April 5, 2009

What is your guess?

We have had this money jar for as long as I can remember. We decided to cash it in and use the cash for our trip we are taking to Utah this summer. We are having each kid put in a guess of how much money they think is in the jar. The winner of the family gets to win $10.00 then each one after gets a smaller amount as a prize. Give me your guess and I will post the amount this week.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yes this truck has many a memory in it. Brent bought this truck from a friend when he was sixteen. (Yes Leanna Tim's sister) It was orange before he did the beautiful grey blue color (ugh!). And yes Brent took me on many dates in this truck. I do not know how long ago he put a whole new frame on the truck but when he did he left this truck cab in my back yard. I have hated to have to look at it! Hated to see it out my kitchen window. I have begged, pleaded and offered him cash and kisses nothing worked. Then one day I once again took a stab at it and before I knew it he was on the phone. Today is the day! It is gone!!! I think there was a bit of DEVI NE intervention seeing how the missionaries showed up just in time to help out. YEAH!

A camping we will go

Weston and the rest of his scout troop have been busy trying to earn money to go to camp Geronimo. We were asked to come up with half the money and then the scouts would have a spaghetti dinner and try to earn the rest. For the first half of the $300.00 Weston and a few friends cut and gathered mesquite wood and sold it to Uncle Kurt. Then last night we had the spaghetti dinner. The ward was wonderful. They had over a 150 people show up and they were asked to make a donation. They were very generous. Then after the dinner the youth and family made goodies to auction off. Brent was the auctioneer, one sweet sister came into the kitchen where I was and asked, "How do you live with him?" I can say he sure does make things fun! The ward was once again very generous with more donations. For example I made cinnamon rolls and put six in a pan and they sold for $35.00 I think the highest bid on a cake went for $55.00! Wow! when everything was over the boys made a lot of money. The scouts and Brent offered a little entertainment. It was a huge success. What a huge blessing! This made me think that a lot can be accomplished when everyone works together.

For Allison

When I make a roast or or have nothing much to make for dinner and have cooked chicken in the freezer this is what I usually make. Allison and I were exchanging meals and this is one I had added. She asked if I would put it on my blog. I make my basic bread recipe (thanks Tonya) roll it out flat like when I make cinnamon rolls. I do have to say that I do not use all the dough I use about 3/4 and with the dough I do not use I make a few rolls for yummy sandwiches for school the next morning or if I haven't seen a mirror in the last hour I make the left over dough into cinnamon rolls. Okay back to the roast roll. In a pan I heat up my left over meat and add what ever I feel like to spice it up. I even think some bell pepper and onion are yummy. This particular one I just added BBQ sauce. Then I place the meat on top of the rolled out dough all over. then I roll up the dough and then use dental floss to cut off into rolls. Sometimes I do not cut into rolls and just bake the whole thing rolled up and then slice after I have baked it. After I have placed the rolls on the pan I sprinkle with cheese. Bake at 350 for about 15 to 20 min. When they come out of the oven I lather with butter on the top. This is also yummy with chicken, peperoni and mozzarella and Parmesan the filling ideas are endless. I got the idea from mom she made individual rolls one time with different fillings. I love to serve this with a big chunky salad and some fresh or bottled fruit. The salad goes great because a lot of times the kids like to dip the sandwiches in the ranch salad dressing.