Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family Reunion Camping in Luna New Mexico

The night before we were to leave to go camping we had a BIG storm. We have gotten so much rain lately. It is quite the blessing! I am not sure I have ever saw my grass so green. This storm was a dandy. Sheets of rain ran off the roof. Our tampoline was picked up and thrown over to the other end of the yard. We have quite the puddles to play in and many tadpoles to catch.
For those of you that know what it is like to pack for a camping trip for seven people you know it takes quite some time and planing. One day to make sure all the laundry is washed. Then when it is washed you have to make sure no one wears what you have washed or packed. Meal planning and shopping. Then when you return from shopping you have to make sure no one eats the food (not as easy as it sounds). Cleaning the trailer, making beds, packing the trailer with everything from a can opener to toiletpaper. It is quite the feat. So since Brent had to be back for church Sunday we thought it would be nice to just tent camp. All day I pack and did my best to squeeze everything into the suburban. There was stuff everywhere and packed in tight. I did get it all in and by dark was finished!!! Then with all the rain we had Brent and I started to wonder if we should bring the trailer. So unpack we did and packed the trailer. When we got to our campground it only sprinkled a little now and then. The night and evening was beautiful.

On our way to Luna camping we saw this stuff all over the road. We figured it was some debrie from the storms we had been having. When we took a closer look and saw some of it moving we discovered they were grasshoppers! It was SO GROSS. There were so many that when we got out and looked at the camp trailer the whole front side was covered with dead grasshoppers and the smell is something I will never forget.

I love the ride to Eagar through Mule Creek when everything is so green. Mule Creek is usually covered in sunflowers and looks so pretty.

Brent and his dad.

Playing card games. Hayden, Trett and Wyatt

Someone put up this tire swing. It was tied up to a very tall tree so when you swung on it it went VERY HIGH. The kids loved swinging on it.

Grandpa Jerold gave this trap to Weston. It came in very handy for the reunion. He would set the trap at night with hot dogs or bacon and then see what he caught in the morning. He later gave them to his cousin Tyson. Tyson cooked them up and served them at the potluck. No I did not induldge on them.

Trett, Wyatt Pierce and Grant spent a lot of their time fishing for crawdads and playing in the creek. I hardly saw them. That would be so great to be little again and enjoy so many little things.

Trett had to keep his hands free so his bacon on the end of his fishing pole wouldn't get dirty. He carried the crawdad bowl on his head.

Ella loves to sit on this chair. Whenever we have brought it to any outing I see her just sitting on it. Well here she is all camped out!

Wyatt in his Davy Crocket hat.


allisonj_2004 said...

Yea! Sasha I almost gave up on you.

kelsimad said...

Hi Sasha, I'm so glad you posted pictures of the reunion. I haven't been to one in, I think, 8 years. I'm really starting to miss everyone!!
You have a beautiful family and I'm glad I found your blog. I look forward to watching what's going on in your family. :) Take care, Kelsi Dean (Madrid)