Thursday, April 2, 2009

A camping we will go

Weston and the rest of his scout troop have been busy trying to earn money to go to camp Geronimo. We were asked to come up with half the money and then the scouts would have a spaghetti dinner and try to earn the rest. For the first half of the $300.00 Weston and a few friends cut and gathered mesquite wood and sold it to Uncle Kurt. Then last night we had the spaghetti dinner. The ward was wonderful. They had over a 150 people show up and they were asked to make a donation. They were very generous. Then after the dinner the youth and family made goodies to auction off. Brent was the auctioneer, one sweet sister came into the kitchen where I was and asked, "How do you live with him?" I can say he sure does make things fun! The ward was once again very generous with more donations. For example I made cinnamon rolls and put six in a pan and they sold for $35.00 I think the highest bid on a cake went for $55.00! Wow! when everything was over the boys made a lot of money. The scouts and Brent offered a little entertainment. It was a huge success. What a huge blessing! This made me think that a lot can be accomplished when everyone works together.

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thelaytonfamily said...

Just so you know I was prepared to go way over $35.00 for those rolls! They were also eaten that night! :)