Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Okay if any of you know our family we ALWAYS get strep. Whenever I hear that someone has strep around town I all of a sudden go into constant panic. Sometimes I wonder if their throats hurt because of the power of suggestion. So recently I have tried to not get so worked about it and just move on.

Weston had basketball try outs and only had one week to show the coach all of his basketball skill. So when he started complaining about his throat hurting I thought I had better just get him checked out since he is the one that always has it. He didn't have a fever or normal chills so I thought I may be over reacting. Nope he tested positive for it. I had him take his medication and thought okay lets move on.

Then the last week Ashtyn and Trett have complained of their throats hurting. But when I would ask them later in the day they would say they were just fine. I sent them to school and Ashtyn played two championship games on Saturday. No real signs of step that we are use to. So once again I decided to take Ashtyn in and have her tested and at the last minute I checked Trett out of school and thought lets test him too. Sure enough positive. Well Trett has no signs that he is sick he is running jumping wrestling ect... He woke up early this morning dressed and begged me to get him to school early so he could play football. I was short one dose of him having it for 24 hours and since he had no fever I thought he is fine to go to school. Before I know it the school calls me and the nurse explains that they have to have 24 hours of medication before they can return. I explain to her that in a few hours he will have had his medication for 24 hours. She proceeds to tell me that he needs to be picked up. Yes I know that I should have waited and sent him tomorrow but I have already received the letter from the school saying he has missed way too many days. (Due to all the eye stuff) Embarrassed I go and check him out. I then remember that I have recieved letters stating that they do not have a birth certificate for him. I explain that they told me this last year and I brought one in. I remember because I had to reorder one. It scares me a bit that they have misplaced his birth certificate. So I try hard not to sound like the woman scorned and let them know my concerns. Back to the nurse. She just rubs me the wrong way. First with Weston she tested his hearing way back in first grade. She called to tell me he didn't pass. No big surprise to me. Then she says he has hearing loss that most men have that have been to war. And then asks me if he is around loud music and gunshots a lot. HUH? Yep we are usually found on our back porch shooting our guns with the music blaring. Then when Ashtyn gets up there she calls and tells me that Ashtyn has to have her chicken pox immunization. I explain to her we were no giving it to her and I wanted to wait and see if she would get the chicken pox. She then tells me that if I don't immunize her that if anyone at school comes down with the chicken pox in the entire school Ashtyn would have to be out for so many weeks. Due the fact that Ashtyn was struggling I thought a few weeks out of school would do her in. I crumbled and gave in. Two weeks later my boys all came down with the chicken pox. If only I would have waited. Now thinking of it why didn't the nurse insist that Wes get it too? Also when I went in to talk to her about Tretts eye loss she brought up Weston's hearing problem. I feel like the most terrible mother around this woman. Yes Weston can't hear high pitch sounds. I took him to a specialist and he said, Oh they must be doing testing at school. She is concerned about that but what about her part when my son is blind in one eye and she doesn't even catch on during her eye exams? So here is my question. Am I mad and embarrassed I got caught sending Trett to school short of one dose? He has been going to school the last week in the same condition. Am I trying to justify my actions? Does the nurse have it out for me? If I would have left Trett home Brent would have given me a hard time for letting him stay. I know I shouldn't have sent him. Right ow he is outside doing chores to earn money, playing basketball and having the best time of his life. I realize I too don't want my kids next to the sick ones. But I dunno I guess I was just embarrassed.


Anetta said...

Isn't it fun to be the mom?! :)

Doug and Cherai said...

Sasha it sounds like you have nurse who is out to get you. That is petty that a few hours makes a difference. You did the right thing. Don't be embarrassed. She was wrong. I hope they find the birth certificates. I might pop in on the principal and let her know what is going on.

Lexi said...

Sounds like she thinks she's pretty hot stuff, but maybe doesn't really know everything she should. On a power trip maybe. I don't think it would have been a big deal about the strep if she hadn't been such a poo about everything else. Want me to come take care of it for you? ;) Don't mess with my sister!