Sunday, March 14, 2010

A few things we have been up to....

Science project time. Ashtyn and her friend made a homemade lava lamp and Trett did the floating matches.

I think my kids should take the pictures they do such a good job! Wyatt took this one.

Our Relief Society had their birthday celebration and did a fun candy theme. A sweet sister in our ward made the cup cakes I iced them with peanut butter frosting and made these cookies to top it all off. Wow! I thought such a creation deserved a picture!

We are a bunch of hillbillies. Wes wanted his cast off so bad that on Saturday Brent took it off. I took the picture and then left. All I could envision was the saw slipping and Weston needing more then a cast. I have to say I was thrilled to see it go. The smell was overpowering on some days.

Yes our house always looks like a war zone. The boys love to play war. I think the best part is setting up and getting things ready.

Cannons or catapults

Ella's art desk. Ella and the other kids spend hours in Ella's little "Office" . When Ella got the art desk for Christmas I could see the look on Ashtyn's face as seemed to be looking into the future of their room being smeared with glitter glue and paint. So we put Ella's office in the laundry room.


The Dutton's said...

Cool art projects! I love the "office" Ella! Congrats on getting your cast off Weston! Awesome war zone guys! Brent, lets just say-whew! Way to not cut Wes' arm off! Wyatt-you take wonderful pictures! Love and miss you all!

Cheryl said...

I'm impressed. MOM

Cheryl said...

I was thinking more like rednecks.