Saturday, April 17, 2010

I LOVE To See The Temple

Today I got to go with my family to the new temple. It was a great experience. The kids all really enjoyed getting to go inside and feel of the sweet spirit. It was beautiful! Brent got an early invitation along with others that helped build the temple. Brent mapped out the where the power lines were to go. It was a very wonderful experience. I am excited to get to go more often.
Come and see the temple and stop by and say hello.Posted by Picasa


momoffive said...

We are coming on Friday April 30th. We will have to come by. We are excited to get to see the new temple.
See ya soon!

Cheryl said...

Looking at the pictures and reading what you have written brings comfort to a mom's soul. You are so blessed.

Lexi said...

Cute fam! How exciting to go to the temple and have one so close to you. When can I come see too?

The Dutton's said...

We are so excited to come! Can't wait!