Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Wyatt waiting in the ER for test to be done.
July 11th, Sunday night Wyatt started complaining about his stomach hurting. I had made corn muffins, Wyatt's favorite, and he had eaten a lot of them. I figured his tummy hurt because he had eaten too many. I told him to just lie down for a while. The next morning Wyatt was throwing up. I was sure he had a stomach bug. He only threw up that day. By Wednesday I had made a comment to Brent that it seemed a bit strange that no one else had gotten the bug. By now they all would be dropping like flies. Wyatt hadn't thrown up since Monday night but still complained that his tummy was hurting and he had a mild fever. I took him into the doctor that evening and he tested positive for strep. She checked his tummy and said it could be a fifty fifty chance he has appendicitis. She said we should send him over to do blood work and a CAT scan. I was a bit leery and asked how sure she was that was the problem. She said she wasn't positive and knew nothing unless we did the tests. Wyatt wasn't in a ton of pain so I decided to talk to Brent about it. She told me we could come back in the morning if things got worse. After all I didn't have a couple thousand dollars for blood work and a CAT scan just for fifty fifty chance. DON'T get me wrong I would do ANYTHING for my kids. Brent and I talked and even included Wyatt and we decided that since he had strep and that causes your tummy to hurt to wait it out a little longer. I called around and asked and read up on the Internet. I read that appendicitis is common in boys 10 and older and if they were having appendix problems you would know. You would be in a LOT of pain to the point of not wanting to walk. Later we got worried because he wasn't getting any better just a low fever and he was still complaining of his tummy hurting. Then I started to wonder if the antibiotics caused his tummy to hurt. Nothing bad just said his tummy was hurting. He went down the street to play, ate, went swimming and played with the kids. Brent called our Doctor whom we know well and we went to his house and he checked out Wyatt there. Wyatt jumped super high for the doctor. The doctor pushed on his tummy and he did not show any big sign of pain. We took him home. Brent and Brother Mark Claridge gave him a blessing. Then Wyatt started to tell me it hurt to go to the bathroom. AH HA! I thought he has a urinary tract infection. Our Dr was kind enough to meet us at the clinic Sunday morning and ran a test. It was negative. He said the best thing to do was to go to the hospital and get blood work done. Sure enough his white blood cell counts were very high (18). We then checked into the ER and did a CAT scan. While we waited for the CAT scan results one doctor looked at him then another came in and pushed on Wyatt's tummy hard and looked deep into his eyes. He said either he is very heroic or he doesn't have appendicitis. Wyatt then complained that he just wanted to go home and have a bowl of cereal. Then the doctor looking at him said see if he had appendicitis he shouldn't be hungry. Sure enough the CAT scan came back with a massive rupture of the appendix. The only surgeon that works at the hospital was on vacation. We were on our way to Tucson by ambulance. Brent called his sister Anetta and asked her if she would get the kids and give some to Diana and take some. I told Brent to ask her husband Than to come and give Wyatt a blessing. He came and quick. Than asked Brent why we were going to Tucson couldn't they do the procedure here. Brent explained The Doctor was on vacation. Than said no he isn't he was just at church, they are in the same ward. Brent asked if Anetta would call the surgeons wife and see if he wouldn't come in. The nurses and Doctors in the ER said to us good luck and thought for sure there was no way he was coming in. She did and before we knew it he was in the ER ready to go! Before I knew it he was in having his appendix out. The surgeons nurse said that they couldn't go lyproscopic because he had a cyst growing into his intestines (That was why it hurt to go potty) and there was so much puss. They did about a six inch cut and the nurse said when they opened him up it all just popped out. They think his appendix burst that Monday and he had been walking around with it burst for about a week!!! I am so grateful that he is still here with us. He is such a sweetie! I thought for sure he was my more sensitive one. Only a few days before this all happened he was complaining of hang nail that was bleeding. Probably because of the blood. Now I live in more of a panic mode. Wyatt is thriving and doing great. A few days after being released from the hospital he went to see the Doctor for a check up. When the doctor was done examining him he said Wyatt looks good. Then Wyatt stood up on the top of bed and jumped off. The doctor turned around and saw what happened and then replied I guess he is doing excellent!

Heading into surgery. Does he look to be in much pain?

After the surgery

Doing his breathing treatments. He was very congested. They were concerned and didn't want it to turn into pneumonia.
Getting Wyatt up and walking around was important. Some days he hated it!
He liked walking around when his sibling came. Thank goodness for brothers and sisters!

Wyatt loved for his brothers and sisters to come. When they would leave he would cry. It broke my heart but also made me feel good to know how much they really do love each other.
Ella came one day and played nurse/mom. She loved every minute of being there. She stayed all day and never complained. These two have become quite the buddies since they were home together this past year while everyone was at school.

Trett listening to Wyatt's heart

Wyatt loved this part, ridding in the wheel chair. We had to get another CAT scan done. His white blood cell counts went up later that week and we needed to check him out. Seeing how he masks pain so well we wouldn't know if he was really hurting or not.

They let us walk outside. I think it helped boost his spirits up.

This is Wyatt's day nurse Joy and his CNA JT. He had a lot of good nurses and CNA's. I like him having a guy for a CNA. he was fun for Wyatt.

The day he came home. After being in sick, sick (appendix burst and strep on top of that) for a week. then recovery for another week in the hospital. Then more recovery at home I am just so grateful for so many blessing we were blessed with. Love ya Wyatt you're the BEST!
Also thanks mom and dad for coming and helping with the kiddos! Also thanks to all the family and friends that called and helped out LOVE YA TOO!

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Wow, so crazy and scary. We are so glad everything is okay. You are an amazing mom and have such cute kiddos!

The Dutton's said...

We're so glad you're better! We love you!