Sunday, October 17, 2010

My new shoes

For about a good year every time I get out of bed in the morning I can hardly stand of my feet. I hobble around the house for a while and I am in a lot of pain. We have a lot of ceramic tile and Pergo flooring. Recently I told Brent I really would love to find a pair of supportive shoes just to wear in the house. I really don't want to wear my shoes that I wear to the stores and in the parking lot in the house. O.C.D. I guess and the thought of all that stuff I stepped in while I was out running errands being drug into the house bugged me. (Yes everyone else wears shoes in the house). Knowing all to well I probably would never get around to it and knowing if I found them I would probably come up with a reason why spending that much money on myself wasn't needed and somewhere else the money needed to be spent. Brent showed up on Saturday with these cuties! He said he thought they were perfect because they were lite and they were slip on so I could easily slip them off and on in the house or if I was going to go outside. Such a sweetie! But I couldn't help but worry about how much he spent. Knowing my next question he informed me they were having a 30% off sale and he also used a 25% off coupon. Such a sweetie!


Cheryl said...

I love 'em -- the shoes and Brent

allisonj_2004 said...

Who who look at lose legs!