Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day of School

Ella is starting to spread her little wing and fly. My baby has gone to kindergarten! She is very excited and has Mrs. Smallwood for a teacher. Her first morning went well and she will do great!

Waiting in line to go into her classroom

Trett has Ms. Irwin. When I wasn't sure who his teacher was I asked him if she was the really pretty teacher. He smiled, shook his head yes and said I guess!

Wyatt also got a good teacher, Mrs Garcia. She said she has taught for 16 years so she knows exactly what to expect. She loves for parent involvement. Wyatt also has a lot of his friends in his class.

Ashtyn had er first day in middle school. She had a real classy first day of school outfit picked out so I was surprised when she came out in some cute jeans and a T shirt. She was worried about PE. She was a tiny bit nervous but is excited. She is also trying out for volleyball!

Weston is now in High School! WOW! He was calm an cool this morning. He has already started football so I think the first day wasn't too nerve racking because he already knows a lot of the guys.

I can hardly believe that I have all of my kids in school. And my first year of it my oldest goes to high school! Life is crazy a lot around here. I did have a few tears this morning after I left Ella. I called Brent and that is when I had the hardest time. I am unsure of this new chapter in my life. I have started working part time and will be home when the kids are home. I love to be at home, this is a big adjustment. Things are going well. As much as I am apprehensive about all this change and would love to have them all back to babies I do see how much they have grown and it is fun to see what they become.


allisonj_2004 said...

Yea! Lots of fun. You all look cut, handsome.

Lexi said...

They are all so big! I'm missing all of this! :( They all looked great for their first day. Hang in there Sash! You're a great mom!

Cheryl said...

Wow! What a handsome and darling bunch of kids. I second with Lexi re missing all of this. Trett, your teacher is pretty. Don't forget to listening to her while your looking at her.