Sunday, April 22, 2012

General Conference and the General Store

This year for conference I got a few things at the dollar store and dug into my box I have for birthdays. I put prices on all of them. The kids could earn money by listening for key words, songs didn't count. Then when there was a song or after each session they got to come and get something they wanted. At first everyone was given a cup and a big jar of pennies were placed at the front of the room. This didn't work well because when someone saw someone else go up they too went up. So we went to paper and a pencils. This worked great! The kids tried to listen carefully and get more points then their brothers and sisters. It worked so good! When the closing prayer was over they commented on many of the key words they had heard! Next year I will do points instead of money just so we aren't "Shopping" on Sunday.

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