Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cute repair man

I have the cutest repair man! Just a little about our life and some wonderful blessings. A while back we had trouble with the dryer. We had bought the dryer about 8 years ago and when we bought it it was old then. So when it started giving me trouble we figured we had gotten our money out of it. We even looked at a few new ones to see what we were getting into. Knowing all too well we didn't have the cash. Then one day while I was doing laundry a thought came to me, "pull the dryer out more from the wall." So I did and the clothes started drying more quickly. I still have to give it a little bit of a knee to the dryer door to get it to go but it works. Then the other day I put Westons hoodie in the washer late at night. I fell asleep and thought for sure someone would be needing something in the night and I would just put it in the dryer then. No one needed anything I woke up at 5:30 to find the washer still washing. I thought the day earlier that the wash seemed to be taking longer. It even made some weird loud sounds. I thought for sure I had washed something of someones but when I looked nothing. Just when we thought we were in the clear. I explained to Brent I needed it fixed soon. A few days with no laundry done can get pretty ugly around here. He ask me to give him one day to look at himself. He took some of it apart and asked if I would clean it up while he was at work. I did and when he got home we looked at a few more things put it back together and tried it once again. It worked great! I know that to some this is no big deal but for me I know that we have been blessed. Brent even commented on that. I am so grateful for our Father in Heaven and his blessing he sends us.

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