Monday, July 13, 2009


The other afternoon one of the kids came into my room with the ketchup bottle and proceeded to swing it around in a circle over his head and down back down low to the ground to show me how one of his Aunts showed him how to get the ketchup out. Panicked I looked to see if the lid was on. It was. I then explained it wasn't really necessary to do that and not to try it again. Sometimes with my kids it is just best to keep some things out of their smart little minds. Then later that night Brent and I went out on a date. On date night I do something simple for the kids for dinner and this night they had corn dogs. Yes ketchup goes with corn dogs. Everything seemed fine when we got home. Some were asleep on the couch and others watching TV. The next morning I realized there was ketchup across the floor and on the fridge and then on the table and more on the floor. I asked what went on while we were gone. I then again got the same explanation of how to get ketchup to come out easier. I guess when I talk to one of them I really need to talk to all of them.


thelaytonfamily said...

Love all the new pictures. You guys have had so much fun this summer!

The Dutton's said...

SORRY! One of your children was having a melt down with the ketchup one night with dinner and so...well now you know!