Thursday, October 22, 2009

Annie's Apples and Orchard

Trett's class went to Wilcox to Annie's Orchard. Wyatt and I went because we had never been before. The min I stepped out of the car I smelled warm apples baking in pies and breads. I thought how fun to be here in the fall. There was also fields of sunflowers. Deer grazing off the side of the road and fields of pumpkins and corn. In the beginning the kids were taught about bees and corn. Then as we went through the corn maze we had to answer questions in order to know if we were to go left or right (luckily for those of not really listening the answers were on the back.) Then after we found our way out of the maze we hopped on a tractor for a hay ride. We rode to fields and fields of pumpkins. The kids were told they could each have one pumpkin and the only stipulation was they had to find one they could carry, because no one was going to carry it out for them. Once they found it they were to raise their hand and someone would come and cut it for them. Then we rode back to the main farm and ate lunch. We had so much fun!

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