Friday, May 7, 2010

Maki'n Mud Pies

I saw this fun Little Tikes toy and knew Ella would love it. I asked my mom and sisters if they wanted to go in on it together for Ella's birthday. It mixes and also has real working water and is a lot of fun!
Hours are spent outside. Lots of innocent ants and other bugs were stirred into ant pie. Lots and lots of fun!
Maybe too much fun
I think Ella needs to clean her kitchen
And her kitchen table. Wow! This took a lot of time and the hose on high to clean the porch off. I would have to say though my idea of wanting a drain, outside furniture and a high pressure hose in my house sure did seem like a good idea! If only I could break out the hose in the house and spray it all down!


Randall Bunch said...

your such a nice mom! I love activities that keep them busy. A little clean up is worth it. Your family is so cute! We are coming down next weekend for the Temple tour. Maybe we could come by and say Hi. I would need to call you and get directions to your house.
Love ya

Cheryl said...

I remember days like this in my own kitchen or at least it felt like it. said...

Wow your such an awesome mom! They are going to cherish moments like that forever. I love the pic with Ella and her brother...Ella looks so proud to be next to her bro. So cute!