Sunday, May 16, 2010

Monday Night

The kids have been wanting to go back and tour the temple. Knowing I would never be given this opportunity again I knew we had to go again. I thought there could be no better night then Monday for family night. Nothing had to be done, the kids were eager to get dressed, and not one single argument happened. Surely Satan knew we were going to the temple. Why wasn't he nit picking on all of us? As we were about to approach the temple the kids were singing and laughing and together. I was also hoping that not everyone had the same idea and that it would not be too packed. When we arrived at the temple it dawned on me everyone one else was having family night and not at the temple. Everyone that is also including those that would be there to help with the tour of the temple. It closes early on Monday's for family night. So we walked around the grounds and enjoyed the architecture from outside.

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Randall Bunch said...

We got home on Friday night and my phone finally registered the voicemail you left me. I was so sad that we didn't get to meet up with your family! We will have to make another trip down to do a session and see you then. Hope all is well with your family. Love ya all!
The Randall Bunch