Monday, June 14, 2010


Grandpa took the kids on a hike. He said he had primary on the hike and tried to talk about staying on the path. Some of the kids wanted to go a different way off the path because they thought they were lost. Grandpa reassured them that they needed to stay on the path and they would make it back to camp.
Ashtyn and Uncle Kurt just hanging out. Nice camp chairs!
Playing the "Wiltbank Game" as Pierce would call it. Aunt Tonya made us our own memory game with our families pictures on it. The kids love it!
Brent's family camps a lot. I love to go, the kids love to go and it is a great time for everyone to be together. The getting there and the cleaning up well that is a whole different story! On our way we came across this big nasty snake. Brent had us all get out and take a good look at him. Of course the kids LOVED it. Something about snakes makes me a bit nervous.


Cheryl said...

I'll pass on the snake.

Leiah said...

we had a snake in our back yard a couple days rattles though