Sunday, June 13, 2010

Temple Cultural Celebration

I was privileged to get to go and help the youth practice for the performance they worked on for the prophet. So I also got to go and see Weston practice and have a great time with all of the youth in our stake. I even got to take him home afterwards and listen to to him tell me about how he felt about getting to have such an awesome opportunity. The night the youth preformed for the prophet was such a neat experience. I will never forget it and know that Wes will always remember it. He said that the prophet was shaking hands and then made the a comment to his security that he was ready to leave and that was enough. Wes said the prophet looked at him and Weston asked if he could shake his hand. The prophet said yes and Wes said before he knew it more kids came up behind him and crowded in and he never got to shake his hand. I told him well you did speak to him and he did speak to you. The spirit was VERY strong and I know it was a great testimony builder for everyone there.

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Cheryl said...

Weston, I am so pleased to have a grandson like you.