Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wyatt's BIG Step

Ashtyn and Trett have been sick. I woke up and realized that with both of them being home that day it would mean Wyatt wouldn't only have to just go to school but he would also have to go alone. I waited to to tell him until I had hem dressed and he had his breakfast. Then he reacted just like i thought he would tears and refusal to go to school. I put his jacket on and he walked with me to the car still protesting BUT NOT HANGING ON TO THE DOOR like days before. We talked about how he would be fine. With tears streaming down his super cute cheeks he listened. Then when I went to drop him off I was that mom in the front of the line helping Wyatt out and hugging him. He still had tears but he was brave and went to school. Later his teacher called and said he was doing good. She said it was so hard tell because he always is smiling. But he had told her he felt lonely and needed to hold a stuffed animal she lets kids hold when they are having a bad day. After school I was so proud of him and the rest of the day I let him know. Way to go Wyatt! I knew you could do it!!!


Cheryl said...

Wyatt, you are my hero!

The Dutton's said...

Yay Wylie! We LOVE YOU! You are the best!