Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kindergarten Registration

Ella is officially signed up for kindergarten. She thought for sure that now she would be going to kindergarten not preschool. On our way there we talked a little about what she was going to be asked. She was a bit nervous and hoped she would answer everything right. I tried to reassure her that she would do great and not to worry. We went in filled out lots of papers and they took her back to start her testing. I finished my paper work and was waiting in the hallway. She walked passed me with a big smile a wave and went on to her next room to say the alphabet. Soon I heard this loud beautiful voice singing with a very beautiful tune belting out the alphabet. The moms in the hallway giggled and told the mother of the child she had a beautiful voice, and she did! I then realized Ella was the poor child that had to follow such a performance and knew all too well she was now wondering if she too had to perform at that level and kindergarten was on the line. Later I asked her what she was thinking while that other girl was singing the alphabet so good. She said, "I sat there and thought, WHAT THE...???" Too funny to imagine her sitting there in a big chair feet dangling watching this girl belting out the alphabet and thinking WHAT THE??? Luckily they let her into kindergarten! What a relief!!


Cheryl said...

What a hoot!

Lexi said...

Way to go Ella!


I just got Caison signed up for kindergarten too...I can't believe it, I will cry it is a given!! I am trying to get back into blogging stop sometime!!:)