Friday, July 15, 2011

4th of July

Brent had these shirts made up to show his frustration with the Wallow fire

Ruger made this awesome bike made out of PVC pipe from his parents hardware store. He invited Wyatt to jump on and help him throw the candy before Ruger finished his sentence Wyatt was on the back of the bike throwing candy and waving like a celebrity!

Last year this float was Abraham Lincoln I wonder what next year will be!

We went to Tonya and Bill's for hamburgers after the parade. While we waited for everyone to get there Brent had Ashtyn do a little driving. She even got up to a speed of 25, she was a bit nervous but now begs Brent to take her again.

When the Dutton escaped from the fire to our house Weston and Ruger worked on the go cart. Ruger took it back home and got it running. The boys had a really good time taking it for a spin!

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