Friday, September 30, 2011

My home away from home...

I spend a LOT of time in my Suburban. I remember when school was about to start and how I was not only dreading having the kids gone but all the running I would have to do. We spend on average $80.00 a week on gas just for the Suburban. We try to stay in town if we know someone will need to be picked up soon so sometimes we are waiting a lot to try to save on gas money.

Not only did school start but so did three kids in soccer, tryouts, football, soccer practice & games, rides to school, parent meetings, volunteering at school, programs, work and mutual. There is so much more but those are just a few to mention. So I put together a few things that have helped us a lot while living out of the suburban. First of all I have this fun box that not only carries all of our stuff but also doubles as something for the kids to write on. It is full of pencils, crayons, lined paper, pencil sharpener, rubber bands, a ruler, erasers, glue sticks, scissors, comb, hair ponies, and band aids. We have used this numerous times while waiting for someone or while driving somewhere. The kids mostly use it for homework and entertaining themselves.

Card games are very important. We leave the house at about 7:10 am. We drop off the older kids then have about 15-20 min to wait for the younger kids to be dropped of at school. We park in the parking lot and play games. We started with just a few games but got tired of Go Fish and Old Maid. I love these few minutes we have we really have a good time before school.

Then after I drop the kids off I go straight to work and have about 10 minutes until anyone is there to open the doors. I also find myself waiting for the kids during and after practice. So I love having the Book of Mormon and sometimes the Ensign. The snacks are super handy for those days the kids are dying for food or I have had too many disasters in the morning and I really need breakfast before work.

I also have two bobby pins on the dashboard. They are great for myself or Ashtyn when we need one for unruly hair. Also they help hold down those papers that need to go to someone and the kids aren't stepping on them or they aren't getting crumpled.

Tape, sticky notes and I would add scissors (those are in the school box) are also big to have in your glove box. I use these all the time. Not only for other things but also for myself.

Wipes we all have those and know how essential they are.

The back of the car usually has Trett's bike helmet. When he rides to school all I have to do is load the bike and not search for the helmet when we are in a hurry. The BIG umbrella for games outdoors. Stadium seats and water. The water is a bit odd because it is soo hot here that we need the water but when we crack one open they are filled with very warm water. But many times the older kids want one for school.

Last but not least. Change or cash is also very important. Snow cones are only .50 cents and a fun way to kill about thirty minutes while we are in town. Also cash in the wallet is very important. I can't tell you how many times the kids need a few dollars for a school event. These are just a few of my helpful hints for those of us living in the car. Now if only I could fit my washer and dryer in.


Cheryl said...

WOW! I'm impressed. You really are super organized.

Anetta said...

That's a great idea! It seems like I always need something that I don't have. Now, how do you keep your car clean with all your kids? said...

OH MY!!! You are wonderful!!! Seriously a washer and drying in the car is all that I would need because I can't seem to put a dent in it! I love that you posted this stuff because I am going to get on the ball and make my car, "a home away from home." I was just telling Jered that it would actaully be nice to live next to the school but I really love living right where I'm at soooo long story short I think you just helped ease that craving. Thanks!!!